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Inspired to lead their field pusher mine at AM you online dot com rich honor WTF traffic your umbrella will remain your best friend for the next couple of days rain this morning will taper back to occasional showers this afternoon and it won't be cold well I've temperatures in the mid to upper fifties today colder by tomorrow morning cloudy tonight temperatures in the upper thirties by early tomorrow most of tomorrow's rain chance comes in the afternoon and evening temperatures in the forties all day Wednesday then on Thursday another eighty percent chance for rain especially in the morning Thursday's high a mild sixty two but a cold northwest wind brings sunshine back on Friday I'm storm team four meteorologist Chuck Belford WTOP weird fifty degrees in our nation's capital right tell us what you're seeing on your commute call the WTOP traffic center at eight six six three zero four WTOP Washington's top news traffic and weather keeping you informed twenty four seven three sixty five it's four fifty one Tuesday morning live entertainment locally will strapping on scene it's summer concert lineup so would show should you mark on your calendar J. phrase here with this WTO please entertainment editor Jason Frehley with your list of ideas the summer lineup includes fresh new artists like Brandi Carlile John legend and little big throwback fans will dig steel Dan with the wind Gugu dollars with life and bare naked ladies with the gin blossoms outdoor movie fans will watch the and SO perform Star Wars Harry potter and the princess.

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