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Philip rivers jamus winston this goes to the cool factor and it's i've said this before if you had every quarterback available on the open market and you considered everything is the gm including aids that you wouldn't go get big ben breeze or brady now because there too old if you at every quarterback on the market the you could sign to a fiveyear deal you wouldn't draft breeze bradier big benaco gm would the top four or five guys would be aaron rodgers number one andrew lock number two derek car russell wilson matt ryan that your top five unquestionably and dak finish above russell wilson in andrew lock thing about that andrew lock andrew look took a bad roster to the afc championship russell wilson gone to two super bowls but russell wilson's not that relatable maybe to religious for some players no coup factor andrew lock runs a book club he's got an peered it shows you that the cool factor works in the locker room the despite super bowls and success from russell wilson in andrew lock the reason they work in the locker room is because they win and you can't deny it they just win a lot there just really good the stats don't lie but dak prescott with a year under his belt with a best online the best young running back good offensive coaches players vote him above russell wilson in andrew lock in it's the coup fact the source said about dak prescott it's not his arm it's not as lags it's not as size it's not there isn't it quality to him and it works in the locker room and that is a real thing.

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