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That period and then into revolution and number nine number day in a life you watch these this band grow up and we condense their seven years into two or three in the story and you see this innocence it's almost nineteen fifties of this suburb girl and her her high school sweetheart and goes to enlist in the war and dies and you watch become radical and you see okay this is a sixteen year old girl that as she sees what's happening to her friends in her culture and her country she becomes an activist and i feel that is what's happening now absolute at those parklands school kids and you see that had to happen to them personally to activate them to shame but that's just the way it is that because we had a draft in the sixties there wasn't antiwar movement there is no draft now so it takes real commitment to get people re will they have to have it pushed in their face they have to see the black kids on the streets getting shot they have to see this monster up their selling out our country to the stick tater and these other dictators and realize their young this is their country and their future and i believe that sony supports putting out this movie and fathom this summer because it's pre it's pretty the midterms but also were very inspired by the young people now who are rising up and saying we have to protest to do more than that we have to vote we have very as you and i were talking there's absolutely no power and even the voting is scary if the russians are controlling voting you know if they're putting the stuff out and we'd just how do we battle this so i'm curious like have you noticed in the last few years has this film that's constantly come back around that you're noticing that film many films most films don't have much of a shelf life they come and go and people don't talk about them but this one seems to i think i always admire the products ago for they go for broken all of your projects i mean i know that are better and better worse i mean what's the why bother voting two or three years of your life you're not gonna really just go out there and i think the best products do kind of turn people on and off and this one did do you feel like this one has just been a persistent kind of grower in terms of finding new audiences in the last ten years i don't know for sure i don't know i know that we had a big battle about final cut the cut years ago and you win and you lose we won the cut we lost the release strategy released we had a golden globe nomination for best musical comedy musical there were no golden globes that year because of the iran war gosh so we ended up selling tons of dvd's so it was a smash hit the weekend that they started to sell but it means a lot of people didn't see it in the movie theater that's why you're helping but we're encouraging people to go with their families and their friends and see it because a big musical like this and it's ten times as big as la la land you know what i mean it is the grand mommy to high school mu those those musicals came after and we did it live before mulan rouge in fact i told the director of moulin rouge how to shoot live you know how to have the actress singing live because he thought that you had to pre record and have a dubbed and ninety five percent of the only reason we wouldn't do it live as if there were airplanes overhead to noisy or in the case of the character max he could sing live but he would get nervous but everybody else was absolutely live and and so i think that that it's a cult film really when they when they say that people i hear that i saw fifteen twenty times so if people loved it like a good album they would play it over and over again then there is because of the marketing which we didn't we didn't like the poster i really dislike that intensely disliked the poster that was put out with the strawberry in the two it.

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