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H. Julie Rogers, Dallas, Arlington discussed on KRLD News, Weather and Traffic


Dropping to about seventy tonight different perspective on the protests we check your traffic and weather together on the H. Julie Rogers okay stalled big rig north Dallas six thirty five west that's gone and so were the delays but not so much on south seventy five were reached over record for instance three right lanes of traffic so that's still backs things up from about six thirty five I would tell you to use quite although you do need to be aware you're gonna blended with some already backed up traffic once you get to the tail end of court and try to merge back in with seventy five central Arlington three sixty both directions construction heading up north towards pioneer so that's going to set you back just a few minutes they things have calmed down a little bit but you'll notice the traffic westbound I. thirty second Avenue that's a reckon two right lanes and we still got a pretty strong backup they're going from a little beyond dolphin almost to the Ferguson curve in fact and just FY I twenty has all but cleared up we had some demonstrators around center street which was causing backups in traffic but that's cleared out six thirty five box springs southbound I. twenty the exit ramp to go east was blocked and they're still maintenance crews on the scene that's why their stop and go conditions from Cedarville road I'm Julian Rogers next report at seven twenty eight and breaking traffic alerts.

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