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Joe Rabbit All right today with this. We got Jason Harris again from awesome movie year. How's it going Jay's Doing well thank you to all the listeners who have been blowing dave up on all the forms of social media requesting demanding that. I come back to piecing together. That's true that's been happening like so much. You just you have no idea you joke. But it's true. Is it a movement or a revolution little of each Today we are talking about Joe Joe Rabbit from tyco at his name. Tyco TYCO yeah take. Td Yeah so Jason. Were you a big fan of this Guy Tiger? Have you seen a lot of his movies before or no? I just recently saw hunt for the wilder people in Love de movies. Amazing Yeah boy is. Incredible movie never saw boy. It's really really good. Those are the two that Kinda. Yeah that got me on the tiger train. What's funny is to most popular. Movies would be the door movie. Sure which I did not like I like that. What what we do in shadows which I also did not like which I still have not seen actually so that. What did we miss? Maybe one of his yeah. Oh Eagle River Shark. Yeah I saw that million years ago. Don't really remember it too. Well Yeah I do like them. I mean you know as we'll get into one of the pieces. He is very reminiscent of another filmmaker. I like Seattle. Say I think I know where that's going so one other thing before we get into some puzzle pieces? You are Jewish right. I am yeah. I've always thought so as a Jew. How did you feel going into this one? I mean there is some like stupid controversy about this. I never really thought there was any real controversy. I thought it was one of those. Kinda just Internet things that you Kinda fell. Yeah I don't worry about that I think you should. That's like saying like I mean you you once you put limits on comedy you've already ruined it. Yeah can't you have to let it play out? And if the comedy works then great and if not then you can be like. Oh what a stupid idea right. And it's not like this is the first time Nazis been joked about especially by Jews. You know and that's another one of my puzzle. Pieces me too. We're GONNA have some crossover. Yes I think you should be able to joke about everything making Hitler. A sentimental imaginary best friend is tough but The way that Joe went on his journey I think was pretty effective to learn that sucks. Yeah which is an important lesson. Do we get in puzzle pieces. What do you got for your first one? My first puzzle piece is Leni. Riefenstahl's Nazi propaganda film. No that's not true. I was looking all the way back to their back to the thirties. To some good old Nazi propaganda. And I'm not going to do my first puzzle pieces every wes Anderson movie ever made but we can just say moves Moon Rise Kingdom. Because that's the one about two kids on an adventure in the Wilderness and whatnot but tiga definitely loves his framing like Wes Anderson or is pacing his giant. Slo Mo set pieces to some cool music like wes Anderson's quirkiness. Yeah so I'm going to go moon rise kingdom which is one of my favorite movies and this is a good movie. This is not one of my favorite movies. Sure and I. I think we might have talked about this before I did not really love Moon Rise Kingdom. I think part of it comes from a kind of boring childhood. I just sat around and played video games mostly and did not have these kinds of adventures and stuff like that and so I guess I don't relate to it maybe that's always kind of what I thought though I don't I don't do whimsey. I guess yeah I don't know but I do love was Anderson and I totally see the influence. I mean Taika definitely seems to love some Wes Anderson style stuff going on also another one to add to that list is the the foreign covers of a classic POPs and David Bowie in this case. Yes and the Beatles. Yeah actually one of my I again. You just said that you liked this movie. Didn't love it. I also liked it in love it. Maybe my favorite part was opening it with the Beatles. Cover to Hitler montage. Does that was pretty hilarious. What started off on the right foot going on? It was definitely like insane right off the bat and you know moon rise when we talk about that you know he goes Joe. Joe Rabbit goes on this little Excursion with the Nazi youth into the woods. An adventurous weekend. And that's what that kind of reminded me of these Scout troops off on their trips their adventures in the wilderness. And why not? Yeah I was trying to think of some good examples. I don't know maybe through other puzzle pieces or might be one. But but especially Sam Rockwell's character is such like just like a goofy scout leader guy and I mean definitely moon rise kingdom fits the bill and that is very good. Yeah yeah a scout leader so the so we have to think of wacky scout leaders. They're they're out there. There's so many in history and I was just like drawn a blank. Outside of mooner asking I kept going back to that. Trying to think of it Volunteers Tom Hanks and John Candy maybe right. I don't know maybe I will go for my first puzzle piece with that the other one that we were kind of hinting at the beginning there. I'm assuming for you is the producers. I you could have done that. You could have done blazing saddles you. History of the world. Any Mel Brooks movie I think and the producers obviously make sense because of springtime frailer and the entire musical based around Nazis and everything. But I think nobody has done a better job of deflating the Nazis with satire than Mel Brooks. Yeah I completely agree I mean you just you put it perfectly. Just their you know deflating the Nazis. I mean really. I think that made such a joke out of what you know what the Nazis are and. I think that it would be nice if this movie did it more too. I mean his whole you know silly Hitler thing is you know it's fun. I in moments and then the other Nazis involved or also Kinda you know goofy and everything but nothing really bites as hard as you know what Mel Brooks did so long ago. Yeah I agree. I don't think there is effective as a parody is the The Mel Brooks stuff. Yeah I'd have to go back and watch the original producers again but those musical numbers were just like amazing. That actually make a good movie for us a movie. I think whenever we get to that ear. What year was the nineteen seventies? Maybe sixty nine or something. Yeah well the ID. Internet's yeah. I I don't do that for your show. Don't do it for my show for your next. Did a blazing saddles. So I'M GONNA move on to a little little lost gem from the nineties. I believe little film called. Drop Dead Fred. Remember that movie. We got three overlaps. Wow chose that is because it was started as a child with a very cartoonish imaginary. Best friend And tyke is Take on Adolf Hitler was cartoonish is well by the way quick. I Dave you know. I got a good amount of Hitler jokes in my repertoire. My Act they never really go well on our people forgetting Hitler was once I came off stage and I did the jokes and they bombed it in another commuting goes all you should have told them you were Jewish. I because only Jews can be mad at Hitler. That's right the rest. I mean you know the rest of the people like. Oh yeah man. That's too far. You took it to that guy. Tried to destroy the entire world. Shame on you makes me think that whole thing about history clasping important because if we forget history or doomed to repeat it like that that's really true because maybe people are forgetting about Hilter. It'd be like if we elected a president who a white supremacist. We would never do. That would never happen only in the movies. Yeah so but yeah. But I mean there's There's a cadre of movies that That have good fund imaginary. Best Friends. You can name another instead of drop dead Fred. Oh boy well. What isn't it? Well you know I was almost going to say bill. Cosby's not really an imaginary best friend who just kind of the same kind of wacky. You know But yeah I mean th there are plenty Dr- drop dead. Fred was the one that I went to immediately. When thinking about what are some good imaginary best friends and especially with this specific tone that he plays as. Yeah I. You know what I'm thinking of right now is inside out. The great animated movie where You know they have Mr Bing. Bong is the the girl's best friend as a little kid and that's right. I forgot about that. Let him go and he has and he wants her to let him go. And you know as opposed to Hitler who is trying to keep hold of Little Joe Joe here yeah even even Even Fun Hitler's Bad Hepburn. That's true that is true. Well I'll go with another puzzle piece in. This was the first one that I thought of back when I first saw the trailer. It for the most part. I still think it although I think a little bit less than what I kind of expected the movie to end up being and that South Park actually just the whole series you could if you want to stick to a movie and go to the bigger longer uncut movie but you know basically just the political satire just going over the top with a potentially offensive concept and then just you know hiding a really sweet story of kids in the middle of that kind of concept. I think again. South South Park's way more effective satire and read than team America. You could say sure you know 'cause they really don't hold back any punches. I'm not saying that this movie does. I'm just saying that this movie doesn't have the range the punching range of those movies and so I think those are more effective absolutely. Yeah and I. I do like though to me this movie and I I don't I don't think this is a bad thing necessarily but I went in expecting it to be really funny and it's funny in parts but I actually liked it more on the sweet side like when you're getting the relationship between Jo jo and the Jewish girl had an upstairs and stuff between him and his friends and stuff like that. I I really enjoyed that more in this movie and I just was South Park. There's always that undercurrent of you know. Just a sweet friendship thing going on. Yeah I think the most effective comedy was probably Joe. Joe's portly best friend was like a little eleven year old who gets recruited into the war as a soldier and he talks about how bad life is and how Hitler turns out he was a real bad guy who didn't tell us a lot of these things that he believed in and he was quite funny. That kid is a very Jewish character. you know as we know from boy and hunt for the wilder people take us good with those fat boys boys to well. Yeah I have a feeling. We'll see more of those in the future for maybe even the next ormeau any more and more things. Dave used to be Chubby jet. Now he's a charter member of his. Jim I'm still if that's what do you got for your next. I have a movie that when you were talking about. Was there controversy. Because they were making light of the Nazis right. I thought back to an excellent movie. Life is beautiful. Remember beneath won the Oscar. For Best Actor you know and I remember my grandparents who like I. They were movie lovers. They were very progressive. My grandfather was a comedian for sixty years. Very funny good humor. People I asked him alive is beautiful is one of the great touching movies I've ever seen in my life. I shore is. Did you guys like the movie? And they said we walked out. I said why is it? Well we don't think the Holocaust is something joke about. You know or wasn't funny to them but I can understand that because they grew up as while it was going on as Jews here in Brooklyn and dealt with a lot of anti-semitism. She's so life is beautiful. I think is a more effective comedy about World War. Two and Nazism than this movie is sure. Well yeah I mean I guess if anybody is going to be offended it's the generation actually went through it like physically went through it was. I found it funny that they had walked out on this movie. Raising was such a redeeming heartfelt story about the human spirit and that evil couldn't overcome the human spirit. Yeah no absolutely well. Yeah good puzzle piece for sure on. I have guess one more. We had a lot of overlap on this one so My last one. Another movie You know with a quote unquote creature. That's hiding in the house Set AMONGST BACKDROP OF WAR It's Pan's labyrinth. With of course the creatures under the house being the Jewish girl living upstairs in the walls of the House. Which of course is quite different. But it did you bitch. I'm allowed to make that connection..

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