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The road back again Fans gathered up the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Friday shortly after hearing the news of Betty White's passing Fox 11 Los Angeles reports an official memorial was placed on white star Friday afternoon Her star is one of the original fixtures when the Walk of Fame was first completed back in 1961 A lot of travelers are starting 2022 in an airport waiting for the next available flight data from flight aware shows over 3100 flights have been canceled since New Year's Eve Federal help is on the way for Colorado's wildfires President Biden approved a disaster declaration early Saturday boulder county sheriff Joe pelley says at least 500 homes have gone up in flames in more than 30,000 people have been evacuated That's the latest I'm Julie Ryan Palmer in the Bloomberg news room Federal ambulance teams and additional National Guard members are headed for New York City and western New York hospitals are getting more federal help as coronavirus cases and hospitalizations keep on rising This as the State Department of Health on Friday confirmed a 76,555 new COVID cases More than 339,000 tests were reported making New York's daily positivity rate now 22 and a half percent Governor Kathy hoku also said students at state university and the city university of New York will have to get coronavirus vaccine booster shots to be back on campus in the spring semester and must test negative before returning from the holiday break If they're not yet eligible for a booster they have to get one just as soon as they are able to do so Amid all the chaos of the surging virus New York City has a new mayor Eric Adams was sworn in just after midnight And.

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