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Harris County Judge Lena Hidalgo says it's too soon to remove the statewide masked man Dane, and she's urging Houstonians to continue practicing covert safety protocols want to send a message to all the businesses in our county that are doing the right thing by continuing to require mass by Limiting capacity. I want to say to them. Thank you. We see you. We appreciate you. We know you've been there from the beginning leading supporting our population. Survey by the Texas Restaurant Association. Find 70% of restaurant owners in the Houston area will have staff wear masks and request customers do the same local media Excuse me. Medical leaders held a briefing yesterday to update the fight against Corona viruses. The state lifted the covert restrictions, Baylor College of Medicine president, Dr Paul Cotman says. There's good news on vaccines. Seems like all of the vaccines are effective against the variance, including the Brazilian Berry may be slightly less. Factor, but it's effective just like the J and J vaccine was tested in South Africa, which is a very infectious virus, and it seems to be effective there, too. The city of Houston is now set up separate wait list for those who want the single dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine or the double dose Madonna one Texas health officials say they're expanding Corona virus vaccine eligibility requirements next week, the Department of State Health said. Anyone 50 and older will be eligible to receive. The vaccine starting Monday, is part of the state's phase one see rollout. The Houston City Council's offering relief to residents that were hit hard in the storm last month, a council approving a measure yesterday that will automatically adjust water bills to either the same amount paid last month or the monthly average from the past year. Whichever's lower apartments of multi family dwellings will have to apply through Houston Public works. I'll Oscar winner in Texas native Matthew McConaughey again hinting at a future run for governor Makana Hayes. Latest comments on the subject came on the balanced voice podcast with Houston crime stopper CEO Should Your next leadership role ever include you? You know, running for governor of this wonderful state. We'd be very happy for you. But don't answer that. I'm not asking that course I hear you. I'm not asking for your consideration. 51 year old McConnell hey is currently organizing a virtual benefit show to help Texans affected by last month's winter storms. KTRH News. Ty was one old three the latest economic relief bill headed to the president's desk. The House passes a $1.9 trillion coronavirus really fill the American Rescue plan. One of President Biden's top legislative priorities now heads to his desk for signature. Package includes $1400 stimulus checks for millions of Americans expanded unemployment in food stamp benefits and billions for testing and vaccines. Democrats use a process called budget reconciliation. That passed the legislation above opposition from Republicans who argue that was too large and would burdened middle class Americans with higher taxes. And that was Fox is Rachel Sutherland on Capitol Hill. Rockets will try and rebound from their 13 game losing streak when they come back from the All Star break.

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