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After tomorrow is where your hat day. But as I said, it might be dangerous. I have a story on that. Because the left is Geraint and violent and mentally unbalanced and many many instances if not all instances, honestly, how you're going to be. How can you be a lefty without being mentally unbalanced in some way? But before I get to that and to Andrew McCabe. And then to Jesse smollet the update from Chicago, Illinois. Salon magazine had an amazing story that they put out I guess on Friday. They put it out on Friday. The headline is has Trump wrecked. Your sex life post, Trump sex disorder is real. That's the headline in the says, therapists is salon magazine. Left-wing rag typed up by Chauncey Vega. Who was a democrat. Big means sexy. Daddy, salon turns on Dr Susan Bloch. Excuse me turns to Dr Susan blocked for answers to questions questions that you didn't know you had. That's right. It's about your your sex life because it's an extension of Trump derangement disorder. It really is not feeling. The love blamed Trump, comma, racism and war says self-described sex docked. She's a self self described. Sex doc. She's a sex, doc. That's what she does. She's been on HBO. So she's got to be credible. That's what it says right here. Just in time for Valentine's Day, a sex therapist has some warm thoughts and a kooky theory for what may be putting people out of the mood for love. It's mostly President Trump's fault. This is undoubtedly true. But it's not Trump's fault. You are a head case you see you're a mess because your party has made you a mess. You followed your party to this place. Where it's ninety percent tax rate vacuuming babies brains out after they're born and made comfortable on the table. Seems like a good idea. That's choice. You call that trust your party is dragged you to a crazy place. All white people are racist. All black people are not all white people are racist. All Hispanic people are not all men are sexists. All women are not everybody is a victim except for a straight white men. This is your party. Okay. It's a new party is unwell your party wants to ban airplanes.

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