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The saints. Drew brees melts down. Like the lincoln witch of the west water thrown on brady throws three exception running in running their down. And it's and it's incomplete and the first appearance. Think my i run. I don't want to let you out of here before giving us what you have on the nets. Do you have anything for us on the nets. They're the most interesting team in sports. Are they not. Oh they're very interesting. I think there are so many just meaty fascinating angles One is like they're going to try to do something that's not been done a modern nba history. Which is when title with an abjectly bad defense. But that's not like the interesting part. The interesting part to me is multilayered. One is about. James harden who people are to me revealing themselves went as whether or not they did or didn't watch hardin previously because we were like. Oh my god. He's reinvented himself. no yes. He led the league in assists one year and he's always been statistically speaking a top too often player in the league and the regular season every single year is what if they do win the title. Which i don't think they will are. Iding will all of a sudden we discussed where he already should be discussed as one of the twenty five greatest players ever but a lot of people. Don't just dismiss him because of the postseason failures but now that he's with a team that has just an abundance of offense that really fits to his offense strengths. Are people going to kind of recalibrate. What he didn't houston houston team by the way that one. I think more games than any team in the league in the regular season while he was there. And now's probably the worst basketball. The other thing. The most interesting thing is this. Like didn't durant leave the warriors because he wanted to win a title where it was unquestionably his team and he was unquestionably the lynch pin and he was unquestionably the guy and then he goes to brooklyn he brings kyrie with them and an awesome second banana but then immediately you know helps you know force the james harden trade and then unfortunately gets hurt and they went thirteen fourteen without without him and i just wonder how durant is experiencing all of this because if he wanted to be on the most talented possible with the best chance to win titles never would have left golden state so we obviously did this with more in mind than just my best chance to win my next ring and watching this unfold. The way it is to me is super fascinating. I also don't think they're going to get out of the east so i don't think much of this is gonna matter. You have seen what has happened in this country over the last five years or so. You usually don't hear this quite so overtly from a politician even by the diminish standards of today the republican senator ron johnson saying of capital rioters He says quote even though those thousands of people that were marching to the capital. We're trying to pressure people like me to vote the way they wanted me to vote. I knew those people that love this country that truly respect law enforcement will never do anything to break the law. And so i wasn't concerned he said on the radio talk show the joe pags show and then he turns and pivots to now. The tables been turned joe. This could get me in trouble. Had the tables been turned and president. Trump won the election and those were tens of thousands of black lives matter and t for protesters. I might have been a little concerned there. It's never that stupid. It's never that over in your own words. That clearly where yeah. I'm i'm totally racist. Well and by the way in today's wall street journal he doubled down they. He wrote a column Defending what he said i. The aiding getty's is a very very. I think the beginning of that quote when he was in the like he you know they weren't there to break the law. I i heard you read it. I don't have the quote in front of me. it's it is a very plain telling of for many people. It is almost impossible for a group mob of white people to break the law because the law is supposed to be what that group of white people wants so like. If like it's an oxymoron. Like this group of ex almost exclusively white people says this should be happening. Well that's the whole point. We've got the cops in the laws. Ford is to make sure that happens. And i think he just put a voice to it that guy i That guy has i think guy assumed a level of competence of that guy because of his name the status from and how he looks like if i just thought i'm like he probably hangs out with mitt romney like i don't really agree with his tax policy. I think but. I'm i bet he's not a crazy and turns out he's nuts. He's like the like the governor of tennessee. And tommy tucker bill like adds his crew not like the mitt romney angus king lego. You know we're a reagan conservative angus kings independent. But yeah. i stereotype that guy. Because he looks and sounds reasonable. And these from a state that i think's reasonable shows you what i know. What do you make of tub. Ville the idea that you would make your fame almost literally a top black bodies and then come upon these viewpoints. Oh so that's deeper than i was gonna take. I listen. I think the guy's a buffoon. But what i make of tom brady bill is you. Were talking about me. Getting sick of talking about sports and what i would do in my forties and fifties. I'll tell you what i might do in my forties and fifties become a liberal tommy. Tucker bill i can give a speech with the best of them. I can argue you in circles. I gotta figure in new york could be talking. I'm from missouri. Missouri is gonna have a democrat senator for a long time i might have to parachute into like connecticut or something but like if we are on the track of the qualifications for higher office are fame and the ability to like you know. Make a coherent argument. I just need. I don't know either a decade more on tv or another dozen appearances. On the dan le batard show podcast to really up. Mike you rating and i feel like i can at least prior politics minimum danger. Alright so politics law. Yeah yeah that. Used to be what i said i used to. I was going to be the american city when i was done with all this and then my one of my best friends from high school is the american city. Now he beat me do it youngest mayor of a major market in the country of kency's major market. But yeah. i mean. My dad was In politics running the union in kansas city helps A lot of the people get elected outta cancer. Yeah used to always say it was gonna do that. My wife objects and she says that that. I've got you know these stories that i tell about. You know being the casino gambling money. I don't have too scary bookies. That's those won't play on the political scene. I say they make me a populous. I can feel your pain america. I've been there. Don't say i'm a person of privilege. Maybe i was but gambled that privilege. Wet a knick rights honest honest initial reaction to reports skip bayless. Espn and fox were fighting over him to the tune of eight million dollars a year. That's dope man I think it's great Listen i think that you you. And i really disagree. I think on skip and we don't have to get into a deeply I skip has mastered his space. And i you know. I when i hear dan. Le batard is starting his own media empire funding it and i assume at some point. There's going to be some venture. I'm going to read a report. Some venture capitalist seeds it with forty million dollars. Yes when i see skip gets eight million a year. I'm like yes when it's stephen a. Do they also pay baby. Stephen i think baby stephen a. probably gets paid half what i paid as is like yes because as long as i'm in this space i want the salaries go up and up and up and like the you know if if the going rate for the best arguer in sports television is eight million. Then you know. I i can help the very least keep betting on the chiefs in the super bowl. I can keep doing that. Good talking to you. Thank you for stopping by. And it's not only because we've lost all of our espn guests. Yeah share might just lost my number in the seven years wing when we met in it when he invited me on seeing guys. Everything by you buddy all right. Let's take a minute for our friends over at gabby insurance. We appreciate their support..

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