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Alcohol. Not virgin garriga. Gares jeep jeep. Cheap shit. I forgot party but by the parties. All right all right one. That's when everybody has to answer this jasmine last ten minutes by the way we got fifty one actually less. Because i started earlier. Remember last one man puts us joy. Delos going you know somebody. Everybody adds one item What god building your. Why is this for the blowjobs surprise motherfucker. So sex blow jobs wasn't ex- orgasm orgasms doing. Yeah all right sex blowjob orgasm or making out near kissing because eliminate well oral. Sex is sex so that minimum. And i would you. Nfc lowered rather get my gun. I would rather get my and Than kiss what was the other one orgasm orgasm. Our audience is doesn't move jasmine. Do you wanna say something on this. I wanna say blow job because you don't think retail so i i mentioned had thrill failed because you know what i've i the harder and making because they're making out in into orgasm an organ an orgasm that and with that no. We're gonna stop on that note. We're gonna and this episode right here now. I want to thank everybody listening. Please rate and review the show. Also check out the brothers at g. r. a. t. o. s. podcast that is available everywhere including fm at audience in.

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