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That i didn't want it's like don't touch that so i could be the quiet girl who scattered drew and you're an artist yes you still draw pictures and look i came here to work for hanna barbera riot i was always kinda lousy i thought but you know i had the background for until i so then i would i i went back and went to the american school in florence and then i just i said to my parents i'm not coming back i don't wanna go to my senior year just wanna stay here they didn't freak out enough to come and get me but they did make arrangements for me to get back home and it was just kind of a long slow parade that i sent but but as i said my dad had in the meantime become this broadcasting executive and the company that he was vice president of tap broadcasting bought hanna barbera so i sent my portfolio from the american school in florence whereas the art to henry barron gotta job so two days after how old were you seventeen i got out of school early and you're going california going to california two days after i got out of school drops masset and i remember from well you know i think it came from ricky jones i don't know but anyway drop some acid and i just remember tripping and looking my suitcases donate that i just need to stress with bells on just to go i just need to go and my mom was like suddenly your is we about six feet wide you lie you know that's not gonna work and it really made an impression is okay check that box i gotta be honest and she looked as what are you doing she was crying is all very tragic but anyway i got out here and it was promised land summer of sixty nine i'm seventeen cute as a button more talented than you can believe and then i found out i could sing where many more talented you could possibly imagine what with what before it was just.

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