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Rich get get an injury well applegate more now i still have the mac he's they use my ipad that i don't use an apple phony more the air against of apple well then how are you managing apps you said i like but you have an update you're not on i s eleven them it probably haven't done well you're right probably have an updated right because if you go to i o s eleven you don't have the ability to do it on the mac anymore that just doesn't make any sense to me but i bet you know why because i think a terabyte advice based on my on my mac walk hundred gigabytes of space on my mad what are just used up by all the apps it saves exactly and then probably just because they're they wanna give space back i don't know i liked managing it i will say this i buy in when i say by mean both the paid ones in the free ones oh whole lot less apps because it's so cumbersome to view all the different apps store stuff on the phone or an ipad compared to the items it's just not even close and so my usage of third party apps of it's not even a tenth of what it used to be that was one of my complaints is it's very hard to find stuff now it's easy to find it it's hard to discover it discover okay that's a better word yes it's so hard to discover some corky little thing and it was fairly easy before it's so cumbersome it's so not intuitive looking at stuff now i know that's my personal opinion those could be a lot of people who disagree i love to hear from the listeners what do you guys think that's why i wanted to ask i want to hear what people.

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