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They are very brazen. A family business dating back to 1908 that survived all these years closing its doors will now transform and operate in a different way. The owners say they plan to reopen a new store in a different location and will operate by appointment only. Learning more about the 57 year old security guard was shot and killed in a robbery at the river oaks mall in county of the city Wednesday. He's been identified as Norman Thomas, WGN's Eric Bronx, but spoke of his sister Angelique by telephone. In the minutes, it took police to arrive the suspects had already smashed the jewelry stores display cases, grabbed what they could and were gone. Norman was on the mall floor, emergency workers did what they could to try and save him. Norman's sister says her brother was the oldest of 5 father of two daughters in the grandfather to three with another on the way. He served in desert storm, worked for a railroad company for years, and finally security at the mall. Please continue to search for the three men involved in the robbery and shooting. And on Wednesday, 12 Republican senators supported the respect for marriage act. That's two more than were needed to pass an important procedural vote. More from news nations were shot Hudson. Ohio senator rob Portman, a GOP sponsor says, same sex couples are worried about what could happen if the Supreme Court were votes their rights. They've made financial arrangements, maybe adoptions, and so on. They want to be sure that that marriage can continue. And California senator dianne Feinstein says, overturning the right to same sex marriage would hurt families. Spouses may long longer be able to make important healthcare decisions or even visit their partners in the hospital. A final vote in the Senate is expected soon. If it passes, then it will go back to the house because of the new amendment protecting religious institutions. And for WGN sports, we say good morning to Josh Friedman. Cole covets and David Montgomery returned to practice Thursday as the bears continue their preparations for the falcons to have and Jenkins and alkene Muhammad remained sidelined. The packers lost the Titans on Thursday Night Football 27 17. Loyola basketball lost to Tulsa in the Myrtle Beach invitational. The bulls will look to snap their three game losing skid hosting the magic tonight, Blackhawks are back in action tomorrow in Boston. Aaron judge and Paul Goldschmidt, when you're American League and national league, MVPs. Josh Friedman WGN sports

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