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You know what i'm saying. Eh just i think it's like the khanda. There's just the structure of the a._c._c. Side thing. I'm definitely not you know blaming our 'cause. We got p well for the fight but it's just the structure of the thing and i don't think people would distracting julian the way you know <hes>. You know. That's neither here nor there. <hes> in the fight is not in philly 'cause he's just not and i i don't even feel is complaining about it to be honest with you. Maybe one day we will get a title fight camino. We know julie's a fighter and we just quite man you know <hes>. Let's check. Are you happy should be really or are you guys happy. As has it seems that this is why would you have rather went on and done something. Is that because i know a stornoway yeah yeah yeah you can you hear it is it is i'm in my car. Yet is it. I'm in my car is held going on. I i don't mind fighting javard again. You know <hes> we shouldn't have to fight him again but i don't mind fighting them against you. Know julia was the mandatory mandatory. You shouldn't have to give <hes> a rematch clause but we found out that he was just the number one contender and he wasn't demanded to her. I don't know if y'all remember to fight forte gallon more in the eliminator last year all he had beaten entertaining gallon. Will i thought we was the mandatory for what they really made us. Worse the number one contender so jared got a rematch clause. I don't know if you guys know oughta bylaws by the sanctioning bodies but if you work your way up to a mandatory you know there's no such thing as a rematch clause because he wasn't given a volunteering title shot and you kinda earns entitled shot so with the legal stuff or whatever you know we we gave a rematch clause but like i said man julian's a fighter and you know if the guy get a rematch clause even though we are title shot is no big deal because i look at it like <hes>. We're going to get.

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