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Twenty three minutes of like Brooks the Gulf coast windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center wild weather here to stay for much of this week in fact warms up later this week again in the upper seventies Thursday Friday with thunderstorms late week our taps overnight on the fifty degrees sunshine you're seventy on Tuesday and your seventy on Wednesday upper seventies Thursday scattered thunderstorms Friday high of seventy seven I'm Scott Lori more the weather channel fifty eight in Conroe it is partly cloudy sixty wind here in the gallery of the KTRE to top tax defenders twenty four hour weather center twelve all what our top story well police are investigating an officer involved shooting in Houston's midtown neighborhood for Monday chief art Acevedo said to the officer spotted the suspect pistol whipping another Manda our other suspect turn on the show on the sergeant and raised his what appears to be a semi automatic pistol at him the sergeant dish charged a one round at the suspect has suffered down flat the others there was not heard the suspect wounded and eventually made his way to memorial Hermann hospital no word on his condition well the second trial for Antonio Armstrong junior has been moved to March prosecutors say Armstrong killed his parents while they slept back in twenty sixteen his first trial last spring ended with a mistrial when jurors couldn't reach a verdict jury selection for the second trial is set to begin March twenty sixth I Galveston county woman is dead for my vaping related lung condition after Philip Kaiser says the unidentified well but is it a thirties adding that it's not just young people who are developing health problems from vaping most recent data coming out from a CDC suggests that actually older people are more likely to have bad reactions of people with heart disease people with diabetes people with long disease already.

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