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Komo news one thousand FM ninety seven seven good morning forty five at partly sunny downtown at ten thirty one on a Friday as we continue with our top stories from the KOMO twenty four seven news center. Thanks for joining us. This morning did a former Amazon employee perform a Jedi mind trick on the Pentagon. Komo's Corwin Haeck reports. A major cloud computing contract is now subject to a lawsuit. The flap is over a man named deep booby he's at the center of a federal lawsuit filed by Amazon competitor, oracle alleging UB is exercising. Undue influence over a ten billion dollar contract to manage the Pentagon's, cloud computing needs Amazon system is called joint enterprise defense infrastructure Djeddai for short a word Star Wars fans are familiar with. But oracle says it will be used more than the force to influence Amazon three years ago UB worked for Amazon web services. He left to work for the Pentagon where according to court papers quoted in the Washington Post he was leading the effort to help. The Pentagon move its digital activity. To the cloud after only two years with the department of defense UB left to rejoin Amazon Oracle's lawsuit cries foul the bay area based company hopes to sell the Pentagon, its own cloud computing system. Corwin hake. Komo news editor Elizabeth Warren democratic presidential hopeful for twenty twenty has announced plans for a wealth tax on the richest Americans warrants proposal would assess a two percent annual wealth tax on individuals with more than fifty million in net worth and three percent on those with more than a billion in wealth. Economists say it would generate two point seven five trillion over a ten year period from roughly seventy five thousand families or untold MSNBC the Uber rich wouldn't be able to dodge attacks either tax all your assets wherever located around the globe. So if you were planning to move them to Switzerland or some island doesn't make any difference. They are all going to be taxed according to the Seattle times. For Amazon's Jeff Bezos, the wealth tax would be paying four point one billion in the first year alone. Seattle Mariners general manager Jerry DiPoto denies claims of racism and sexism in the team's front office. Not a sexist, nor am I a racist. The accusations that.

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