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It looks like it's. Coming to predictable, but you know, we both ran around long enough with this that you don't want to say, oh, it's Pama George, Ohio State Clemson, we don't know that it's see teams. Notre Dame has to be mentioned with this now at six zero and a schedule that looked really daunting before the season started. Now, not so much. They've rolled through halfway of, I guess, how open of a mind start there? How over the mind do you have that? We could see something really surprising in the four that play for national championship. It depends on what your definition of surprising is. If you told me at the beginning of the season, we'd be talking about Notre Dame right now off. I in surprised. So you know, I think if Notre Dame can get in, it adds a whole new. Dimension to it and and in terms of liking chaos, like people crying about the playoff, which I do, I love it being Notre Dame, getting a lot of fun as far as the other ones going, you know, here's thing, Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State have been the most consistent programs for the last ten years and. It's not their fault that they've been consistent as everybody else's falls for not keeping up with them. You know, we talk about Georgia, like it's a, you know, it's a soon that have to get it if Alabama Georgia and they play, they play at twelve zero in the SEC championship game. Remember twin the loser in the liberty bowl two years ago. So you know, let's Georgia beats Alabama in the SEC championship game. And I know the idea of Alabama losing given what we've seen is crazy, but how they haven't played anybody decent other than Texas same him yet. So we don't. We don't quite know how Alabama's but we have a pretty good idea that they're they're pretty special because we just haven't seen this kind of offense from say the team at the puck and I was looking through at the other day that they've never been ranked. Number one, eleven straight seasons. It's just I, we probably run out of ways to talk about what Bama has done. I had this theory this weekend that I thought of is it usually a coaching turnover ends a burning you and catching up to you. I wonder if in Alabama, it's different that it's the reverse that the coaching turnover is perfect because they don't have the same group. They're there isn't as much complacency, and because you're working for the guy, knowing if you're successful one or two years with Sabin, it's gonna lead to much bigger things that every assistant that goes in there, it's the best version of themselves and in a way you're getting, even though this just it's not supposed to happen sports, it's the greatest run in modern history, but the turnover is a positive for Alabama. I think it's a pretty good theory. Right? I, here's why first of all, Nick Sabin is going to make you uncomfortable for reason..

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