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You can't on marketplace to keep you informed about the economy and then some and it's not only what we talk about but how we talk about it in a practical objective and sometimes unexpected way now we feel it's important work that we're already doing but with your support we can do more of it and reach more people as well for as little as five dollars a month become a marketplace investor and right now your donation will go twice as far thanks to a dollar for dollar match from india time's running out on that challenge so if you could donate today at marketplace dot org and thank you for the support there are a couple of things you can almost guarantee people in west texas talk about at dinner oil prices and how their kids are doing at school the region home to the second largest fossil fuel field in the world is consistently among the richest areas of the nation's statistics on median income show but it schools consistently rank among the poorest in texas marketplace's andy euler reports from midland found furnishings as the secondhand furniture store in what locals here call old midland kristen covington coowner grew up here went to public schools in the midland independent school district mist she and her husband have kids aged two and five and education weighs on her mind the lot pad at school is not something i can afford my son's name be starting kindergarten in the fall we're sending in into a charter school i've heard that a lot of good mist teachers have actually moved to that school the teachers who have stuck around that is the teachers are moving away because the cost of living is going up there pays not going up.

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