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He said, quote, you got a hell of a problem here, but I think we can get you out with a rope k. like that idea fly said, okay. Yeah, to this burden and looked more sized up the whole area and said, quote, might have to pull your foot off off off off off. I take that foot off. Take the foot off. That was another guy pulled not tigger off puller off pull the foot off. Yeah, with the rope right now. Ramon we pull the rope. We're thinking baby come out, right. Okay. So have the foot torn off fireman? Okay. Yep, right. Floyd didn't care. He said, quote, pull my foot off. Get me out while he's tired of it. Yeah. Sure. Yeah. Burden may not have known Floyd lost his mind earlier that Damase loosening, anyway, he thought he got approval. He goes out. No, he tells everyone Floyd had agreed to the rope pulling plan. Okay. The crowd did not approve everyone. The locals are like that. That doesn't sound that sounds like medieval, like, fucked up. You crazy. Louisville man tried take his shoes off taking untie the show show. I just say that runaway that dragged out of the place. So they said it would break his foot or if it didn't pull off like it'd be a disaster. So docked in the crowd said, the rope pull would stretch Floyd's internal organs like taffy. So there's a lot of doctors. Good. There's a lot of against and the doctor understands what's going on. Yeah, he's like, don't that'll gentlemen intestines are taffy. Yeah. So he's a weird one? Yeah. He was also like what we've pulled apart. We'll be in test. If wait, he has taffy and says, every man knows and as any man of science knows what all filled with different. Let me show you boys. Y'all. God, it's not taffy. Now if we're not careful, it might strike the now in later and then skills they everywhere. Burden says, look, there's no other option, but down there all we can do is pull them with a rope. Locals had no responses that no ideas. So everyone agrees reluctantly k. let's pull them out with a rope. Okay. At five, PM a body harness was brought down, put around him. Homer, skeets and burden went in with a hundred foot rope when they got to Floyd Homer gave him ham, sandwiches coffee and whiskey. Okay, sure. That's great. Then Floyd said he didn't actually want to have his foot pulled off. So now he's had some food and he's like, well, we doing. This about idea. Yeah. Oh, wait, I have a foot. Well, we're not as worried about the foot, but the doctor put it out. You're taffy might get everywhere. So so now he's come to and he's like, not do this, right? So Homer slipped him sedative, probably in some food. Sure. Knock him out, quote, to build up his vitality to stand the shock if we did pull off his foot. Yeah. Uh-huh. That's what it does. It really heightens the experience Homer tied the harness around and put the harness around tied..

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