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Really specific go ahead is important for the story that princeton tells itself and indeed. The story to princeton tells the world is different when interviewed about who the ideal applicant to princeton. Would be the admissions director. Said huck finn us. Yeah i know. This answer was notable because it revealed at princeton believed at least narrative if not numerically that the ideal candidate for princeton wasn't the clean cut tom sawyer. But rather the ragging yet determined self made man stated so fucking talk fin. They wanted to be the main man. Typical halsell made adult men finn. They wanted to be the institution that accepted the boy who learned about the world floating down the river taking life on its own terms. At least they were selling. Were such about hat. learn about. it's fine it's fine reality. Was that if you actually looked at who they accept it and broke it down. Demographically princeton was admitting a hell of a lot more tom sawyer with trust funds than they were huddled things oh and they also disproportionately favored students from schools and nevada montana and wyoming when they were done filling their legacy spots of course because no shed they could be well assured that those students would be white but would not in fact you by someone from new jersey preferred people who dropped bombs. It wasn't a jew. This is the least surprising part of the story. So by the way you know who else was at princeton in one thousand nine hundred ninety two besides huck fucking fan. Apparently who else was there. Ted cruz where they wanted to prince literally class of ninety two. I just feel like they really need to reread. Huck finn thank you. Thank saying right here. We want crime solving detectives for our law school scout from to kill a mockingbird. She did great right. Who radley better books. James hoge new all of us and so we carefully crafted his new persona alexi. Santana alexi was a self made man from wyoming. He had gone to high school like the fat cat. Kids alexi had grown up living and working on the lazy t ranch in wyoming roaming the thousand miles of open country with his horse. Study enough as sounds like a bunch of made up details in that one sentence there under the stars. Alexi taught himself reading plato by the light of the campfire. Is this real shit. He wrote hours eventually taking up running as a way to pass the time princeton for their part they were primed in every way to believe this story and is bonkers as it. was it. Solve the problem of not having any transcripts james as alexi santana took the sat's and admittedly he scored a fourteen thirty. Wow which is more than high enough to qualify for any school and he sent in his applic- okay but we all cheated on the sat's though right we all did that. No i did not know on either again. Not i also didn't stop confessing to somehow being less likable than you already are. Eli stop you are stopping reporting this to the. Don't you call them so partisan jump at nyu. This is. Why shush princeton jumped all over this application. Everything about the story of alexi santana was everything they need. It here was a student who fit their bullshit story. A student who could act as a token to principles that would allow them to maintain the fiction of their meritocracy. Alexi was swiftly flown to princeton to tour the school and of course meet the running coach. A man named larry. Ellis larry. this is alexi. His dad is a lion and he lives in a war. Anyplace real water. This is him on a horse next to the border okay. Horse should've just done polo polo picture. He yelled marco before. You just do brian going badly. Larry's a little skeptical about the story. Here's some kid from out of nowhere. His father dead is mother. A european artist himself taught not just as an outstanding student with impressive. Sat scores but also self coached as a runner. I mean if this was true this would be one of the most remarkable stories ever told anyone to have a helluva honor and coaching this kid. Okay but self coached as a run. I run around. I'm an auto didactic runner. Nothing now larry. As a senior member of the tracked him to meet with alexi and run with him. Instructing him quote i want you to run his heart as you possibly can every day the entire time. He's here and i want you to come back monday and reports me exactly what you think. Okay coach back. So you know mustard condiment. Alexi could not be beaten reporting back about alexia soon recalled quote. I couldn't crop them. Couldn't really even tire him out. The guys for real and quote impressed by his scores. His story and his running ability brinson accepted alexi santana to its freshman class and offered him extremely generous twenty two thousand dollars scholarship james hogan. Just reinvented himself again. One minor problem soon. After receiving his acceptance letter and scholarship offer james was arrested before inventing the character of alexi santana. James hoge had been working for a time for a bicycle. Builder named dave tash. Dave cash built custom bicycles. When you bought one it was a tash. Tasha's stuff said tash right on it. This will be important. One fine day. Dave arrived at his shop to discover that someone had broken in and stolen about twenty thousand dollars worth of bikes and parts and tools. Since the custom bike market and california was at that time. I guess extremely small and even more competitive dave and the police figure that the robbery had been committed by a rival bike shop owner. Yeah man shady bike shops always trying to paddle stolen goods paddle spelled. It was actually very good. That'll but it wasn't a rival bike shop owner as you might surmise thief was james and he was eventually suspected because he openly use tools. That had the name tash written on the goddamn tools causing someone familiar with the robbery to report him. This led the police to a storage locker. Which when they open it was not only full of all of dave tests shit but also had clearly been someone's home it was james's home i've been inside. He's crazy undecorated. Single guy apartment. I get it okay. It it's decorated. I have chairs for example today. Come with place so it's irrelevant. Whether i have chairs is really decorated. Foles eating as always chair. You could restaurant. There's bag wouldn't say you fold make sense. Wouldn't the word for that stupid doesn't make sense with the locker also contain a bunch of weird shit that made the detective working. The case. curious among the stolen goods and sleeping bag were a series of trophies and dr newspaper clippings all the necessary rudiments. That james have been using to fabricate the backstory for alexi santana and. It was also obvious that james have been using this fake identity apply not just a princeton but also to stanford and brown. The detective will work. The stolen goods case new found the.

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