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Better now also inducted into the cowgirl hall of fame wind well the calgary hall of fame honors women who have made a contribution to the west in fact their slogan is they exemplify the courage resilience and independence of women who have helped shape the american west and i was inducted in there and twenty thirteen for my work in bringing authenticity to native american costumes and so the very first time that costumes wherever authentic nami trading post the new proprietor kathy smith is our guest is if you just go to normally go to go to you know don't get tells penola bit before you get has been newly hang right it'd be corner just passed we turn left to go to los alamos go further and you're right for road for yup teach me some of the work you've done for film is in the trading post now a lot is on display in there my mom the last film i worked on was last fall here in santa fe the coen brothers western called the ballot of buster scrubs that coming out well i don't know we haven't heard it should be out by fall though i would think 'cause we finished filming last october so you're going to be worth a darn on consignment people can bring by rugs or jewelry right we have cowboy and indian.

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