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Yeah I'm fine I'm pretty far from okay are you okay on the night Emery okay with this doctor Sonya fall thinks that calling people in town I I Q. names like nerd or a geek should be considered a hate crimes and legally punishable or you okay with making the terms geek in nerdy hate words me turning those in the hate crimes let me break this down the easiest way I know how no absolutely not because when we were growing up again I'm forty two years old there is an old expression sticks and stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you well now you got doctor Falkenstein burger fault you whatever her name as well saying all this is going to be a hate crime it's gonna be legally punishable let's hear from another voice here this is a therapist doctor Bobby Siegel he says by doing this it would trivialize actual hate crimes based on disability race and gender hi I. Q. people are a minority group in society that are very much ignored and they north's understood and all would largely neglected so it is the case that individuals with very high I. Q. U. very often all bullied at school for example they are tall good for being bullied often quite viciously and I found that in my own research is what is is a loss of other research out there that documents this tension bully people because they're different but the reality is if we're crossing as a hate crime to call someone a nerd a Greek I think what it does is it trivializes actual hate crimes you know based on disability race and gender you know who did this survey nerds and geeks nerds and geeks listen I got news for you if you get called a nerd or a geek in school that might be the nicest thing you probably get called and when you get older when you get into college if you start doing any sort of activities when you get a job in the work force there's gonna be people that you don't like they're probably gonna call you something it doesn't mean that you have to face legal action but hold on I thought it legally here in the past decade I thought like smart people like owned that term yeah I am a geek that's right right the geek squad to come to your house and fix your computer is that the best by computer people are going to get rid of that now yeah I hate two thousand nineteen nine I can't wait for this year to be over are you okay with this Eddie Murphy made his triumphant return to Saturday Night Live over the weekend brought back many of his famous characters from the shows from the show back in the day Gumby buckwheat Mister Robinson.

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