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Defensive rebounds is position eighty points. A game could shoot the three get lane. Make plays. Exactly what coach beard said. Right. Montage. They play with a chip and not a good. Team. There are no leap defensive defensive team. That takes you out of what you're trying to do turns you over and crates offense at their defense. And then offensively they've improved significantly. What I mean by that is they had an eight game win streak in the big twelve. They averaged ten made threes again, Chris bears have great job of empowering his team giving them confidence. Giving them to believe in themselves and by growing them offensively to complement their defense. Texas Tech became becomes a very tough out. He's got Texas Tech in the final four. They've never made the final four lost four of their five starters from year ago, and they're looking for back to back elite eight the first time in school history. Plenty on the line Thursday Thursday and Friday round of sixteen picking back up. Meanwhile, Alabama making your coaching change this week Avery Johnson. Let go earlier this week. He's now been replaced with Nate oats who moved south from buffalo earlier on the Paul finebaum show cease alert from the Tuscaloosa news. I don't know that NATO tes was on was on anyone's list, except obviously Greg burns. Well, he he was certainly talked about a good bit during the NCAA tournament necessarily in connection with Alabama that connection with the five-year extension, but he sounded to buffalo. But he had buffalo in the top twenty five all year. Represented themselves well in the tournament, and and in the MAC, and so he was considered a hot commodity, but I think what the contract extension what signed people people felt like well at or at least agree to now. Whether it's been fired or not, I guess we'll find out, but people sort of took him off the off the big board so to speak to us. No. And. Looked at other candidates. So Greg definitely plenty close to the vest that you can go back and. Burns press conference on Monday. And I would say that the two things that you take out of it. Or I wasn't concerned about geography he was concerned about the best tire available. And and he's very concerned about the the long term thoroughly making the biggest splash in the press conference. I think that made out on basketball media and people that followed the season is pretty well regarded higher, but it's not it's not a name to file four grant. So. You would you could've maybe. He. Almost everybody today. Nato d- sled buffalo to three NCWA tournaments and four seasons. Buffalo lost just five MAC conference games combined over the past two seasons. There's a coaching change in Tennessee as well. Holly Warlick won't return as Tennessee's women's coach the lady balls dipped in nineteen thirteen this season. They lost a UCLA in the first round of the tournament. She won seventy two percent of her games after taking over Pat summitt in two thousand twelve. But the lady balls program just hasn't met at the same height. That'll do it for.

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