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Wife, mom, writer, podcast host, coffee lover and military veteran, robina has a passion to help you be an influential voice in your daughter's life. In this show, she gives listeners the tools they need to love and lead well and their child's formative years. Whether you're looking for ways to intentionally connect or to have hard conversations. You can find the mama take heart podcast on life audio dot com or in your favorite podcast app. And don't forget to hit subscribe so you don't miss an episode. Well, when you think about it, we all want to be known. It's a desire God has placed in us. He desires to know us and gives us the desire to know him. First Corinthians three 8 tells us, but whoever loves God is known by God. Jeremiah one 5 a, before I formed you in the womb, I knew you before you were born, I set you apart. And John ten, 14, I am the good shepherd. I know my sheep and my sheep, know me, all verses from the new international version. He Jesus is the only one who can truly feel that desire while to get to know your Gen Z girl better and gauge in conversation about who she follows on social media. Ask her about her favorite influencer or online celebrity. Find out what it is about the influencer that she admires. Ask her about the conversations that are happening on Twitter in twitterverse. This is how a lot of Gen Z gets their news because they feel it's straight from the horse's mouth. Tell your girl about the people you admired when you were her age, and what influenced you, whether it was how the person dressed or stole her hair, ideas or projects that you were passionate about. Ask her what she thinks about a desire to be famous. Then talk to her about what it means to know and be known by God. By keeping the lines of communication open mom, you can be her influencer, too. Always pointing her to our ultimate influence, sir, Jesus. Check out access dot org that's a XI S dot org for a great blog post relating to how influencers affect Gen Z I appreciate the work that they do to help parents and anyone who works with teens have a compassionate understanding of them. You can check the show notes or other interesting articles about marketing to Gen Z remember God is for you and you're not alone with his spirit, you are filled with courage and strength of purpose. So don't fret mama. Instead, take heart. Mama take heart is a production of life audio and the Salem web network. If you liked what you just listened to, would you take a second and leave us a rating in your favorite podcast app? It really does help more people like you find our show. This podcast should produce by me, Kelly givens, and Steven Sanders, with executive oversight by Stephen mcgarty. You can find more podcasts like this over a life audio, dot.

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