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The U.S. killing of an Iranian general. Stay with WTO P for more on these stories in just minutes. It's ten 18. Traffic weather on the 8th to bob imler and the WTO traffic center. It looks like the truck finally moved on in woodbridge on 95 southbound after one 23 speeds have certainly picked up there to indicate that I think it's gone finally. So traffic is moving a lot better on three 95, 95, not a whole lot happening there. The truck had been in the right lane just after one 23, but that should be gone now. 66 is without delay both ways. We're not seeing any work zones, obviously, because of The Rain around the region. Although it is starting to let up, we still have it falling in some spots. And because of the heavy rains we had earlier, there are some roads closed and low lying areas still because of flooding. But we also have a couple of crashes out there tonight and loudoun county at last report claiborne Parkway southbound at broadlands boulevard has been blocked all lanes blocked south palo claiborne Parkway, hunter mill, that's been closer difficult run south of hunter station road, and that was, of course, because of flooding around the beltway in Maryland and Virginia, there are no incidents or delays in Maryland, flooding has landed 7 road closed west of Glendale boulevard and Wheeler wrote it closed because of a crash near Iverson street between there and Iverson place around the Leland drive. It is closed because of a crash. 95 Baltimore Washington Parkway in two 70, each running well, as does 50 out the Boolean apples and out of the bay bridge and beyond, thousands of items in stock have been marked down at Marlow furniture. You've never seen price cuts like these massive markdowns, half off furniture for every room, hurry, it's the final days at Marlow furniture. Bob traffic. To storm team four meteorologist, Chad Merrill. And Luke, The Rain has ended across the nation's capital some light to moderate rain to the west and that includes

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