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Cold in here Zac brown a virus I don't think so my what I do have a little bit of a five year deal like my nose is stuffed up dry cough heads I'm not a member yesterday I said allergy said it was right around this time I felt allergies do you think those are allergies as opposed to a twenty four hour corona virus that comes back every twenty four hours Jerry and Janice days at ten AM on KFI A. M. at six forty John we don't is one of the few jobs in the world where is somebody says Hey I'd can you try these four bottles of alcohol before you go on the air can do all right but Sir city still works there there Huntington beach's first when they're first and brewery no not first brewery distillery and so they have a a vodka in a Jan Hey I'm Bourbon Bourbon whiskey and then run and Kelly out you've got it you know you come from uncles that diet enjoy themselves I'm yeah okay yeah are you got it I'd give this a smell this is a high end whiskey it's a Bourbon whiskey smell that and which on cold where what year in college you go back to the uncle Dave your uncle Leo okay yeah with me it's uncle Tom man if any example Tom end high school we're in high school my buddy and I Matt we found a bottle of this and it is it at his mom's place and not knocked over pretty good all right so that's okay here's another one though all right this will take you back to okay this is Todd the rom that'll take you back to probably college maybe yeah soon as they don't smile right now and then this will be another uncle with right this is my is my uncle Jacque Reid Jack I think Michael Daniel that's that's the friend that's the gin the gin I smelled I love it bam I this reminds me of high school is it is it is it a red flag the two of these four bottles remind me of high school I'm I usually carry a bottle look I wasn't the study's guy in the world right try to drown that out somehow have a nice to carry a bottle of gin in my car when I was I was only sixteen or seventeen in I was in a a black Toyota corolla and I used to keep it in the wheel well in the back so no one could find it and then I don't pull it out and you know take a pop after I got to where I was going right was this like in between classes it was more like I am right as I got to a party I'd take a pop at a party that I bought in Los Angeles in the summer you know in a black car with a bottle of gin in the wheel well it was like a hundred and fifty degrees sometimes so I took him like wow this is like boiling you know personal time to begin with the end of boiling hot bowl IGN and it was I was a mess here what else exactly but these are really cool these bottles they're all the sword different they have the Huntington beach on him so I recommend you go get these surf city still works if you get back and again one of the very few jobs in the world where management says Hey can you taste these before you will go to work before you actually go on the air can do I could not these off tonight I know how many ounces are in there I would say it's forty five percent alcohol I would I imagine there is and ten ounces made twelve months in there some bright knock that off but as we continue throughout the evening all right let's get into live the corona virus everybody got to stay home sick but what if you have no more sick days right you belong to your sick days already this year well what do you do what what's they there's a dilemma that right the global spread of the corona virus has people taking precautions from washing hands to limiting their contact but should you become exposed or get sick the center for disease control and public health officials have this advice please stay home that may be easier yeah please stay home we should play that for four hours please stay home please stay home and put on a loop right I'm trying to loop and I'm going home and we're.

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