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That would be the cruelest thing. I don't wish that on anybody. That's Lamar does go to Indianapolis. Baltimore for Indianapolis. And the trucks have to come in the middle of the night. It's mandatory, right? They'll go back in the business for this movie. And again, the reason why I keep landing here is like if you're going to use the fourth overall pick on a quarterback and it's on somebody that might be the fourth quarterback on the draft board this year and that's a big mystery. And yeah, you could build together with your new head coach and you could do that with your new head coach. Or you could go for it. What's the exact opposite of rolling the dice on the veteran aging veteran to see if he's still got it or the exact opposite of taking a flyer on Carson Wentz. This is the move, that's the bold move. And if I'm Lamar, I am hoping I look down and see a three one 7 area code on my phone today. Is that what that would be? Is that what it is? Indianapolis? I'm hoping. Three one 7 or four 6 three. I'm hoping. Either one. I'm hoping. That's it. I mean, I was just there. So I'm hoping if I'm him, that's the one, because who else would it be? Could it be on the teams that would blow everyone's mind list? 'cause I'll tell you what, this is played out perfectly for the ravens who were like, go seek out your market. And the market will be open after the negotiation window in which everybody jumps on everything else. And his market is miniscule. Facts. So he'll go back to the negotiating table with Baltimore and assume more than 32 or just say screw it. I'll play on the tag again. What do I care? 32 is enough for me right now. I'll just do it again, even though everyone's saying I need an agent and I'm leaving money on the table and all that business. What do I care? I'll play it again. And then at some point, I'll be free, and I'll go wherever I want to go, and my market won't be depressed by two firsts and my market won't be depressed by teams that are nervous about doing the paperwork for the ravens and figuring out a deal with the ravens couldn't. Show everybody that I can still do my business, even though I don't have an agent. You might do it, but that's the reality of boots on the ground, market as the Lamar market opens. At four eastern on the day that he can talk to other teams. Let's take a break here, 8 four four two O four which number my buddy Sam prince is here. Let's talk giants. Let's talk football. Let's talk about making sure you put your name on a list for organ donation because without it, Sam prince is not about to appear on the rich eisen show as he is. Our friend, Sam prince, here, before John smoltz and Jason Kelce on the show. Back here on the rich eisen show radio network here also on our live stream with the Roku channel and joining us here on the rich eisen show in person is somebody who I met in Vegas last year. You took the whole draft world by storm, San prince, the way that you introduced kayvon thibodeaux and now you are here in Los Angeles, California hanging out good to see you, Sam. How are you? It's great to see you. I'm doing fantastic today, rich. Excellent. And so let's just before we get into the football aspect of it. Yesterday was a big day in your life, explain why march 14th yesterday was a big day in your life. Yes, it was rich. 12 years ago on March 14th, I got the gift of life, my new heart. You got a new heart. So your heart in your body is 12 years in one day old. And your body. In my body, I was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and one lung before I got my transplant. I couldn't walk down the street. I couldn't go to school for a full day. I couldn't walk up the stairs without getting out of breath. When you get your chance, but you treat a new set of problems for another set of problems, but the set of problems that you're trading your problems in for. Are extremely different at in a heartbeat I'd much rather have these problems. And so you were an 8 year old receiving a new heart. Yes, sir. Okay. And do you remember anything about that? I mean, do you have any significant memories as a 20 year old sitting here now in college? I have. Rich, that was my life. Going in and out of hospitals, doctors. That's all I knew. You and everyone else here was able to play in the yard and play basketball play football. Et cetera, I go to school, I couldn't. I was a doctor's offices. Let me tell you a little story. Please, Sam. So I got on the 14th, I waited 6 months to get my transplant, and I got the call, the night before, Sam, we have a heart for you. At 8 58 p.m., march 13th. So you had no idea as an 8 year old that you were going into surgery the next day until that phone call hit. I knew I was on the list. When you're 8 years old, you don't realize everything that's going on. Of course. For me, as I said, it's just everyday life. Do you know whose heart is in your chest right now? I do not, but I honor my donor family every day by wearing my green bracelet. And I will give you one right now and everyone else in the show. Fantastic. Thank you. Flip it out here. Thank you. Very good. I got one for you. All right, and we put it on. And I'm wearing mine right here. But you know, I want to meet them one day, if they don't want to meet me, that's their decision. No, no, 'cause obviously it's a must have been a difficult day for them as to why the heart was available for an 8 year old, right? So, but the fact that they decided to donate, they didn't have to do it. It gives you the life. So what do you tell people who are potentially thinking about it or just say, got their new driver's license, didn't take the box? What do you say, San print? Check the box, everyone. If you are wondering if it really works or not, look at me. I'm living proof, organ donation works. I wouldn't be here today without the power of organization without that family checking off the box and making the selfless act of donating their child's organs. And then obviously joining make a wish was a significant moment for you as well, right? Of course. Now is cave on thibodeau. How about that? And I saw we did NFL network terrific feature on you for our Thanksgiving show and thibodeau and what was that moment for you with thibodeaux on the stage? For him, big moment for you. Well, it's a big moment for me. My dream came true of announcing the Giants first round draft pick and then you have cave on

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