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News on Chuck Secrets, and The FBI says the Capitol Hill insurrection was planned, not spur of the moment. It tells partner law enforcers that extremist use amateur radios and encrypted applications to communicate some warm asks that concealed ear pieces, throat mikes and push to talk risk. Buttons. More arrests are being made every day in the insurrection. ABC is Aaron Carter Ski in Washington, the FBI said. Brandon Fellows traveled to Washington, D. C from Schenectady, New York, and willfully join the crowd of individuals who forcibly entered the U. S. Capitol Court records said he then posted to Instagram a series of photos, including one that depicted him sitting on a police motorcycle sporting a fake orange beard. Guy in the same disguise was seen in photos. With his feet propped up on the desk of Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley and Fellows gave an interview the day of the seeds admitting he went in there. He now faces two federal charges. Another arrest. Capitol police say the woman presented a military police challenge coin at a security checkpoint and told officers she was a law enforcement officer and part of the presidential cabinet. Authorities say she took off in her car but was arrested a short distance away. She's been charged with Impersonating a law enforcement officer. Failure to obey and fleeing. She's been taken for a medical evaluation and to be processed marker Malard. ABC NEWS Washington Only a few blocks from the White House here, and you can hear how quiet it is around maybe sees Alex Stone and what would usually be a festive, crowded preinaugural Washington The streets are empty. I mean, I can stand in the middle of the street right here, there's nobody around. Barricades. Air up the National Guard blocking intersections. Total US covert Jessica surpassed 400,000 tomorrow. Florida's first large scale site of hard rock stadium in Miami Gardens, finishes its first weekend of vaccinations and covert testing. Spokesman Mike Jack listen.

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