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E. o. g. Hi michael which one of those w- which one of martin short and steve martin when he put mason island there. Who's martin short. Who steve martin. Oh good question. I think ireland would be more island would be. That's a good question. I would be martin short. Steve steve mason. Oh totally i disagree to. I think it's i agree with you. I think steve martin and you would be martin short. Yeah i'm the. I'm the goofy or john's more a little bit more. The straight man. Yeah and i think steve martin is has had a more like serious career talking about the personality warrant shorts just goofball steve martin has been he's been like a stand up comic hosted. Snl times has been in serious. Movies has been indifferent. I'd rather have steve martin career than martin show. What do you think bergman who so in that clip. Just that clip alone. I think that. Jon is steve martin and sorry. No no i agree with you. Michael with you might outsource that steve. That's true yeah so everybody the way that that whole thing went where you saying like oh yeah i'm an og. That sounds exactly. Like steve may ask about talking about en marche or like you don't see the g. the e. at the end that's absolutely john. Ireland mason in ireland are the oh jeez i look say what's happening player nico sombor brother. Istanbul mason yeah i how do you say michael. What's happening players players. What do you laugh at us. When soft zach soul train all right. I recommend that show. It's called a murder murders in the building. I think it's on who and it's excellent. Yeah only murders in the building and you can see that clip that. I played on. Espn los angeles. Cool all right so derek. Jeter was inducted into the hall baseball hall of fame today. Did you know that he was the fifth highest earner in baseball history with two hundred and sixty six million dollars remember. This is earned and not under contract currently so the guys with the big contracts. Don't count here with that. Can you name the four. That are above him source contracts for making money on contra These are all retired people. Retire well no then. They've already the money. They've already pocketed the money. A rod is number one already four hundred and fifty five million. Ready pocketed the money. makes you think miguel cabrera could be there. Boy he's been. He get started getting paid when he was join. I you know who i think. Is there albert pool. So is there who else who else is number. Two three hundred and thirty nine million. What about kershaw. No take as much money. Yeah kershaw making thirty. I think right now now. What about prince fielder. No not at all. He didn't come along to remember who signed gigantic. It's it's too too early for two ts. It's too early. Who signed gigante trout. Yeah trout might china's not on the list. Wait i think cabrera has to be okay. Try my miguel cabrera number. Three with twenty one million missing wine. You're only missing number four. The foreign or domestic he is domestic domestic throw. I think i think it's somebody that is like who's a pitcher. It's maybe sa- bath the lasted a long time. Lander ursa sherzer. How how old is grinky keys. Thirty six thirty seven. Here's thirty cents. So i would put sherzer ahead either. Sherzer overlander i think. Got to be very landa. We'll lander lander number four two hundred seventy. That's why kate upton american marry right. I was in with those gigantic deals. Two of them. Well he still doesn't have jennifer lopez but he so only retired five years ago. And i thought it was long we played the buzzer michael. Once the buzzers over all right all right so celebrity fighting has been pretty big recently. The paul brothers are trying to make a thing of it every week. Apparently i don't know how often they do it. Lamar odom nate. Robinson guys like that or getting into it will now. Te'o terrell owens terrel owens excuse me is ready to fight his former quarterback donovan mcnabb saying i'd knocked chunky soup out of him and he's serious about this too. Is this a fight. You would want to watch john. I don't like all these old guys beat me i. I didn't want owed him to get in the ring. I got a little twelve year. Old kid didn't want nate robinson in the radio address. Latin knocked out anyway. I was thinking box now. Everybody thinks they can go is an athletic freak. I would be worried about donovan. Mcnabb michael wouldn't you when you take te'o in that file and worry about another. Those guys can fight. If you jake. Paul fight against woodley those guys such amateurs the way they throw punches and leave themselves wide open by dr michael. How guys do it. I mean i was in a boxing match years ago. This guy challenged me to a box. And god knows loves and everything decca was on something. This guy came at me. I think he was on math or something. Come straight up punching in ireland through in the white whiteout rampant. I stopped the fight. Thirty seconds in i was on the winter. It up in the fetal position you base mason tried to come back at them and the guy just stormed. I mean this guy was on. Pcp's prior he was insane and he stopped after mason took about six pledges. I said out you throw the towel in ireland. Basically get killed his.

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