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I'm ian matt in joa and of course you can bring up anything we're going to go actually right into your phone calls here in. Just a moment but coming up Here tonight new hampshire according to abc news. That's where we do. The show from is the only state of all fifty states to actually refund kovin business fines. Thousands of dollars in fines nominal are going to be refunded to new hampshire business people. I don't know what the total yeah about ten thousand dollars so they didn't hand out a lot of fines. to begin with. it sounded small. But they're all going back. We can talk about that. Of course your calls and thoughts. Welcome the last time you heard about anything of that nature. Never ever i heard about alaska but they vetoed it refund. Yeah there's a couple of other states where they were going to and it didn't work out new hampshire's the only state six zero three two eight three sixty one sixty. We're gonna go to your calls and thoughts. I though and we got gordon on the line. Gordon you're on free talk. Live calling our sip lines. hello there. Hey i've been listening to you guys talking. Quite a bit about new hampshire secession past week or so and i am absolutely astonished. Nobody has brought up the fact that there is a television show about a town in new hampshire that declares independence from the united states. What is this. It's called the republic of sarah and it sounded cw network and you could actually stream it free on the cwa. Is it any good. It's not bad i think. They uh the writers decided to sexy it up a little bit so they added in a bunch of stuff. That's not really related to this deception story but is it. Is it fiction or is this like a historical kind of fiction. It's set in the present day. Okay now and there's a corporation that gets in bed with the state government and uses eminent domain to take over a bunch of land in this town for mining operation and the residents of the town make discovery that apparently the land that they sit on was never formally claimed by the us or canada. And they've just been acting like a us territory so they declare their independence..

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