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Now, response first 32, when they heard of the resurrection of the dead, some mocked. Now why does that make sense based on what we've studied? What did I teach you really briefly about the stoics and the epicurean philosophers? They did not have a developed eschatology regarding what happens after life. Matter of fact, they were pretty clear about it's not going to be a conscious awareness after life. So don't worry about that. It's about the here and now and the epicureans and the stoics had different views on that and how you should make the most of this life. But the idea was don't worry about having to answer to someone afterwards. That's not the picture they had. So they heard it with their conditioning and some of them mocked. You know what that means, right? Ridiculed, laughed, rolled their eyes. Others, though, middle of our 32. They said, we all hear you again about this. They'd like to hear some more. But it was over for now, so Paul, went out from their midst. But some, here's the third response, join him and believed, right? I'm no longer going to be with this group, at least what they're teaching. I'm not going to be with your group and what you're teaching, even though there's no group here, Paul is here with a skeleton crew within he and they say we're going to follow Christ. We're going to believe what he says. We're going to do what he says. That's big. And they trusted, they believe, we've got repentance. We have faith. We've got joining in with this new form of teaching. Among them also were dionysius, the areopagite. Wow, that's a business card there. Dionysius the areopagite. Now don't forget where we are. We're in this council of Athens. They were known as the areopagus, airy, Ares, Mars, pagos, and Greek hill, Mars hills, what you're used to hearing sometimes the old King James translation. Marcel, that's what this is, but they're not at Mars hill, which is just outside of the marketplace. The Agora, they are in probably the marketplace. And one of the big columned porticos, porches, and they are part of this council. Well, here's a guy that's a part of the council. You can look at it that way. Dionysius is a part of the council. That's a big wig. That's one of the experts. One of the philosophers, one of the professors of the university of Athens, he says, I'm going to become a Christian. I'm going to repent. I'm going to join you guys. I'm going to believe. That's huge. That's why he's named and also a woman Daenerys, named navares damaris, who's Daenerys. I don't know, but she's important, just like we've seen Lydia and others in bria and in Tesla nica and back into the previous chapter in philippi, we know that he's naming people that have significance and importance in some high status in town.

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