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Those sim cards switched. Took seven to ten years just to change the size at the same even though it had the same exact capabilities or pretty close And now going to him which has a whole bunch of challenges. An interesting regulation challenges. That has another different countries. And so apple's had software. Google said the At the salt for it we're going to have to solve for it in the same way. We have the same challenge as to set network. Deploying methods that are going to identify verify our credit card holders to initiate a payment authorization transaction. And so it's a long journey. I think is what i i tell that story. It's a long journey for us to be able to introduce a new mode to pay like pain with your face or paying with your voice or paying your cars of a number like right. Those are all very interesting technologies that we need to spend some time on. So we're spending the time and and doing the work as best we can And hopefully in the near future we will Will not have to lean out the car window and get right and bruise armpit to just make a payment transaction right right right right and how many of have dropped the change but when it was when we were using cash back in the day right things. Keep getting better. Well i do wanna talk about like how pandemic changed payments because you know as a consumer. That's been it's been really fascinating. I think there's a number of areas one is ordering like for food of restaurants as an example but you know every restaurant now and pop shop has online ordering and there are all the platforms that have popped up. You know so whether toes tab or grab harbor. i think there's been this big revolution right. Just share need But the the other is the payment is the point of purchase payment. And i am. You know it's it's whether it's the tap the visa card with the capability just tap the card or use the wallet on the smartphone. it just seems like there's been a huge revolution. And i wonder if you can comment on that at all from visas standpoint in in in you know obviously not reveal any data but has been something that's noticeable for you is. Have you talked about it from a standpoint of yeah all the sudden.

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