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Waukegan road and the Edens expressway and finally the Dan Ryan was fairly smooth ride does twenty minutes from downtown out to ninety fifth the forecast from the WGN Chicago weather center meteorologist Mike Cameron mostly sunny skies continue mild even warmer than yesterday look for high fifty eight degrees southwest winds of eight to eighteen Ole cooling today with those offshore winds increasing cloudiness tonight turning cooler low thirty one for tomorrow cloudy skies increasing winds and lake ways a chance of rain late in the day high forty degrees on Tuesday blustery with snow north rain or snow south high thirty seven Wednesday cloudy windy and cold chance the snow high thirty one and a winter like day on Thursday mostly cloudy windy and cold with a high of only twenty four from the region weather center hi my camera and as you just heard Mike mentioned the winter storm on the way for Tuesday and Wednesday we will be getting some snow out of it it looks like the northern half of the area would bear the brunt of the storm but that doesn't mean the southern half is is out of the woods yet still could be some pretty good snows over the southern suburbs and the northwest Indiana and hammock also says high winds will give us high waves of Lake Michigan they could reach ten to fourteen feet along the southern shore Chicago police are looking for a man responsible for killing another man in the Chatham neighborhood a man identified as Terrance McGeady was inside a store in the eighty two hundred block of south cottage Grove police say while inside the store he began shooting at another man outside and when they get a walked out he was shot by the second man several times and pronounced dead a short time later.

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