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We're going to jump into some questions more requested this topic. He said what about some Chicago trivia since we're all kind of from Chicago. And I said, let's do it. So we are going to do ten questions on Chicago. And you guys are gonna battle in this. This'll be a good old fashioned battle of the spouses today, and we'll ask ten questions, and you're going to buzz in with Chicago related word. I thought this one would be fun being because of the giant metal beam in one part. Okay. Okay. So when you know, the answer, you gotta wait for the whole thing to be ready. You're going to buzz in with the word being whoever gets more right out of the ten will be crowned champion, and I will send you a little something extra in the rewards for March something Chicago related. That's what I'll find find something cool. There you go. All right. Any questions before we begin? Really? Here we go. This is question. Number one for Chicago trivia buzzed in with the words, being the world's Columbian exposition was a world's fair held in Chicago for may until October in what year. Ooh. That was very close. But I'm gonna say Brenda Brenda was a little louder. So I'm gonna say Brennan. Eighteen ninety three eighteen ninety three. Nice job that guy. What's his name h h Holmes? He was murdering all kinds of people. Yep. He's they're making a movie Hulu series with leader. Capri. Oh, did you see that? What ten years? Yeah. But I think actually I think I think who bought it. So it's Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio, and I think it's a ten episode series. So that'll be interesting. Yeah. Yeah. That's what I hear your big reader. What is the last? Good book you read. The man was last cool book you read. Oh, you on the Netflix series you from Netflix? I was like you read my book. I don't have a book. Not yet. I have this cool idea for a book you guys want to hear it. So it'd be like a trivia book. So each chapter would have a trivia quiz. But there'd be a story about something that happened to me in my life that then goes into trivia on a subject. So for example, like I just did a show at the LA Lakers that was kind of super random, and it was like under these very weird circumstances. So I was like, oh, I could tell that story in the book. And then at the end of the chapter there's like ten question quiz on the Lakers. So it gives you if you're trivia fan reason to play the trivia. But also like this interesting story that kind of goes with it. What are your thoughts on that? Getting odd cast with like originally too because you always stories lead into what you're. Yeah. Yeah. I wish I did that it's hard to do that every single day. And when I when I do able to do it now, I'm like man that was a pretty good one. But it's harder especially with time and stuff to always find a way to kind of tie it together. But I do need to try and do that more often. So yeah, there you go. All right. Good job brenda's up one point. Here's question number two. Which of these sitcoms did not take place in Chicago was at family matters Keenan in cal- Samantha who or Caroline in the city. Brenda. Setting. It was Carolina city. Nice job. It was that was a sitcom that took place in Manhattan. And it started Leah Thompson as cartoonist all the other three shows were Chicago-based, which I didn't realize I didn't realize Keenan Cal was Chicago until I looked it up. There. You know Cal. Up through. Carolina. Shitty. Does some it's like cartoonist in Manhattan. I could have just made that up right? Then. The girl from Howard, the duck moves to Manhattan. Here's number three. What celebrity couple had a baby named Chicago January eighteenth two thousand eighteen. I wanna say. Okay. Yep. Came in Konya nice job Kim and Kanye west or Kim Kardashian. And Kanye west either way, you got it nailed it. Are you a fan of either them? There you go. That's good. That's why we're friends. All right. Number four what Chicago landmark sits at six hundred East Grand in features on one hundred ninety six foot tall ride eight Brenda. His navy period..

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