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Meeting can be held in person in DC even as covert case numbers are high the logistics will make sure everybody's tested will make sure that it's a safe environment if the leaders can come here but would love to have a store in Washington then there is the general election o'brien says no question people will be able to vote at the polls on November third we'll have to see what happens with the virus but we want to make sure that we have a free and fair election president trump is against using mail in ballots tweeting today it would lead to the greatest rigged election in history farces colonel Scott in New York a former Florida congressman is hospitalized after he was involved in a major car crash former Florida congressman Allen west said on his verified social media accounts that by the grace of god he is alive he's suffering from a concussion several fractured bones in multiple cuts citing a police report they say a vehicle change lanes in an unsafe manner in front of two motorcyclist on interstate thirty five near Waco Texas Saturday Westridge driving back from a rally in Austin focused on re opening the state during the corona virus pandemic west is currently running for the chair of the Texas G. O. P. he is a retired army lieutenant colonel and served one term as a Florida congressman boxes rob Dawson and British prime minister Boris Johnson says he won't bow to pressure to dismiss his chief aide who allegedly violated the national coronavirus lockdown rules that he helped create Dominic Cummings reportedly traveled two hundred fifty miles to his parents home with his wife and son as he was coming down with cope with nineteen at the end of March Britain's lockdown was it a fax stipulating people should remain home.

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