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Do with this leftover plastic thing piece. I bag any fouls checks other medics that you run your checks and you take out your then you can use the case for checks you know now that we have a I have to say the now that you do digital depositing of checks if you do get a check. It's unclear what to do with it. After you're like do I throw this check away like do you look for a year? You're supposed to keep very year. I'M GONNA keep my checks in the I N V excellence. Aloma that lashes game checks checks the whatever. I don't know where to put them our weekly and it's called in about this already. Just really want to make sure you have the perfect call to play So data apparently one of the editors went on a podcast and said that had a vendetta against Sheena and admitted to editing to look like a pedophile and like just making her look as bad as possible in the Eddie and then she got fire and released a big statement about it and I just want us to talk about it. Chris. I As somebody who watches vander pomp yet? You don't watch mander pump. We'll know and I wanted you to explain this to me because when I first heard the story I don't really know anything about Sheena Shea. Like she's the one she's like the meanest person from Vanderbilt Papa. Doc's or whatever I just know that name and Stasi but I when I read the headlines that like an editor revealed that they gave her the villain et. I was really shocked and I was like. Surely this is being exaggerated and this is not the case but then. I read it and it was like this is like what happened so but I would love to more about this. While also for those who don't want vendor pump rules it is a show that has gone downhill for the past two seasons just rolling downhill into the trash. Can it had its peak moments around seasons two and three and four fight me on that. I don't really care. The point is is that the last few seasons the People on this reality show on Bravo have gotten married. They got houses. They're just literally the most boring people live so this season they tried to mix in some new younger idiots to fight with each other. Who technically still work at the restaurant and to show about a restaurant owned by Lisa Vendor pump people work the point is is that one of the shining stars of this otherwise terrible season is sheena she she shea is a perpetual Lee Single. Although I don't think she's single right now but that's that's real life non vendor pump woman who loves to flirt and Hook up with like kind of every new character that kind of appears that's her whenever things it makes her amazing she releases pop music. She was divorced. She loves to bring up her divorce like she is everything for this show. She is pulling it on her back. Okay that is the best part about her. But this season she did get kind of a crazy edit meaning like just a lot of embiid. They made her look like really embarrassing. And I think part of me was like when I saw this I was like yeah but she brought all of the fun and weird and Kooky stuff to this otherwise boring show but I guess if it's your real life of it's you you're like why am I getting. Why are they pulling out? These insane quotes. Why they making me look like a desperate crazy person as it turns out this. Bravo editor. I think the Bravo. Fandom makes everyone involved with the shows feel like so hype about the situation that they would go on a podcast and be like L. Let me tell you everything you know. Clearly this person. This editor breed dellinger. Who's now no longer with Bravo? Felt comfortable saying yeah. Give her the Shitty edit. Because she's crazy and whatever but it's it is weird to say that specifically and not say you know she makes great TV period. She get fired at it. She saved because she quit because she got fired. Because you went on a podcast. And there's a clip here that we can play if we want On the PODCAST. The podcast is called the twisted plot. Cast with Evelyn Marley. And she said if she knows what's good for her she'd befriend me because my favorite game is finding all the embarrassing things that she does and putting them all in she quipped on one episode. I think it's the way that she said it like. If you think that reality show editors aren't out here cutting together. The most embarrassing moments of the character's lives into the cut. You're crazy 'cause that's why the show is good. That's why you would watch a reality show. You know what I mean to me. It's not like this offense right. It is interesting because then Sheena herself with this. This sucks like I like I mad about it but to me. It's kind of like if this woman had said anything. Maybe she would have said. I'm getting this weird edit. But that's just what you get for being on a reality show of sometimes. You're the ruin. Sometimes you're the angel sometimes that and like you have no control over that you signed the contract. Maybe it's unfair but like that's not something that you can really fight against that the thing is like. I don't think this woman was necessarily doing anything that wasn't hurting her job title. But you can't go on a podcast and say like I am purposefully doing this because then the fans like really mad you know. And then she posted a blog post and she said to the critics who've made it their mission to get me fired. You succeeded in your shortsighted mission and solve nothing. I've been removed for the show. I love and while it's a heartbreak for me because I genuinely loved editing the show it will not ruin me professionally. Normal it changed the editing of the show at all. I agree with that and I hope it doesn't because Sheena is the best part of that fucking show. Wow what do you think no? I think that's I think that's really really interesting. I correct me if I'm wrong. But it's rare to get that sort of honesty about like how the sausage is made when it comes to reality TV. Because I think intellectually we all know that like reality. Tv shows are made in the editing room. But like to have it. Actually articulated by an editor is really surprising to me. I'm like it's no wonder they got fired so surprising to me. That people don't seem to understand that When you watch a reality show is the people's worst moments of their lives. It's the most embarrassing moments of their day. It's the most drama like I don't understand what people necessarily vendor pump was going to give if they gave Sheena affair quote Unquote Fair. Edit we wouldn't get all of these iconic sheena moments and the and the show would be as boring as ever which is the problem with the show now is that all they do is talk about their houses in Valley village. And the that's it that there's no. There's no intrigue right. So it's just it's just this whole up. This whole thing is just like funny to me because I get that when you have a favorite you wanted to be fair for them like when you stand you. Want your your favorite to be happy but it's also kind of like look. How TV works this is. How.

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