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Yeah. What I mean? Now, exactly. Well, you know. Suffered from massive depression lived in her bed pills. Really? And my dad. You know, we were very very tight and spent even though there was divorced spent a lot of time with him. And he was he was the more grounded in my the L. He was only bipolar. Okay. Yeah. So depressive there are some exciting time. There were exciting times. It's like it's two in the morning late me. He let's buy a boat, which we did. He literally woke me at two in the morning. I was eleven at the time. And he's went, hey, I want to buy this boat. And I said, it's it it's okay. When he goes, let's go look at it now. And I said to in the morning, we drove from the valley to Oxnard, and I go there's no one here. He goes. We'll we'll just look at it. Yeah. And he literally got the you know, he's from the Bronx. Right. So he goes come on hop defensive me. I went just know hopping anything. And we looked at the vote and he bought it two days later, and we lived on it. He was six five and six eight at at seven, right? And we lived on this boat where we couldn't stand and I live with him through high school on it. And it was. No, he he Comey was in the water Reno rate. It was well he drydock that because he bought about sixty years old, right? That had issues. Yeah. Why would he make it easy? You lived on the boat. When it wasn't in the water. No. Well, a little time when it was dry docked because he didn't want anyone to take it it. It was you know, there was stuff there blesses art like how do you take a boat if it's not in the water anyway. Right. So then it was moved to marina del Rey. And where we you know, he he compulsively worked on it. And I I'm not handy, he very hence your hammer. Right. And he was like currently. Yeah. Regatta good up. But we go to voyage. We're going to work. In the only Jew that like knew how to varnish it was. And so we lived on that boat for about two years till I went I love you. But I I gotta get outta my own. He was he was really by from somebody polar polar and exciting and scary. It it's scary. And we didn't know for years. You know, we just thought he was provocative and impulsive and fun and occasionally didn't wanna wait for weeks. Yeah. And then there was up, but the was on a total God bless her. She was I just a real death March from the beginning kind of of hiding in and it was tough. And he know we, you know, so much of this shit is hereditary. And but but so, but she was able to remarry so she must have gotten out of bed and noth- to what she got out of bed to. Well. You know, the third husband was like third great the women's my dad was married. Six times. Dad was married six and you mother was married three. Yeah. Uh-huh. Yeah. Six times. No not on the but once on the boat. Yeah. Five times four on land. And then another one when he was actually he was levitating. And he had it was it was he was like, my best friend. Yeah. And really only when that came to my aid because my mom bless her. It was it was you know, as it got older. I'm like everyone did the best she could. But it was a carnival fucking corn of growing up, and I two older brothers that were smart enough to get out as soon as they could. And everyone moved out. You know, we could Well I I moved out with my dad to my dad when I was sixteen to did about. But I was with them all the time. But then when I was eighteen I I can't do the boat anymore. Did you have a job this, man? Oh, yeah. My dad worked hard his whole life is last twenty two years. He sold hearing aids. Yeah. He was a brilliant salesman. He never finished junior high. But he could do my high school math. But couldn't tell me how. Yeah, he. Would like do. I was terrible. He would do my homework. But it couldn't explain the process. You couldn't explain it..

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