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By the van loan school at endicott college here again jim ryan tune a couple of slowdowns downtown boss to the first one of the callahan tunnel is jammed all the way through with a left lane restriction of the exit and the inbound leverett connector remains jammed abdul lane restriction on storrow outbound by along 'longfellow bridge inbound storrow is fine were looking good and the sumner and the ted williams tunnel of lower deck is wide open onto the sake of north of town naughty 3 northbound getting word of a breakdown right in the center of the ramp to solve and square one 28 you're at a speed limit ride beverley down to western and route one looking good from linfield for saugus and revere out west of town the mass pike is clear from 495 into the pre tunnel south of town the expressways looking good the entire non miles lower under one 28 is okay past 24 and 95 not five north sluggish passing a work crew by 295 and route 3 in both directions you'll find delays approaching working fiftythree in hanover if you see a backup or traffic issue call the wbz phone force 6172544400 next report at twelve thirty three on wbz's traffic on the threes he needs time 1224 here's the fourday wbz accuweather forecast with meteorologist danielle niles ludd a stretch of fantastic weather ahead today the coolest of the next several days with highs fifty five to sixty but plenty of sunshine and win shifting around to the southwest later on today 5 to 10 miles per hour no need to worry about frost tonight will be mostly clear with lows in the 40s couple of the coldest spots may briefly dip into the upper thirty's tomorrow sunny and mild high around seventy thursday sun and clouds warm breezy high 75 beautiful sunshine 70 on friday and warm and dry this weekend with high still in.

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