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As we begin the second half of this discussion of the jim morrison doors f. b. i. File kind of happened on a whim. When we recorded the episode fifty years gone talking about the life and passing of jim morrison we came across his b. Fbi file all ninety six pages of it so yeah during the recording. We decided that we had to talk about it. And that's what we're doing right now. We need to talk about something you sent me this morning. Oh wait a minute. I said number. Thanks man so which which one because i sent you a few things. The sort of a beatnik poetry you did. I mean the jim morrison felony arrest poetry jam. Yeah totally to the style of jim. Morrison poetry sure. You wanna share this with everybody. It's got crazy. But i got inspired. I think you should. I think it's it's hilarious. And if there was any way to pay respect to jim morrison for who he was and to highlight his legal troubles. It would be a jim morrison style poem basically when i started reading the pdf. I went to page five of the document and started reading. That page. And i started hearing it in like a poetry rhyme. You know and then. I thought oh morrison would love this and i put the twist on it and then i recorded it and i found inappropriate music. I think and put that underneath and then i send it to you and you were like oh yeah. Let's put this in this episode of mars thing you know you sure you wanna risk this not why now we've never done. We've never done poetry before like this in mere moments. You won't be able to say that my imbalanced brother without further delay. We present the. Jim morrison felony arrest. Poetry jam flight crew continental airlines advised. Light live los angeles five ten pm. November told white male passengers creating disturbance by loud obscene talk. Interfering with hostess instruction on use of oxygen masks told them on his behalf to be. Hey captain personally. As subjects to observe proper conduct stated subjects tried to trip. Her used foul language. Take her with laboratory door through glass at her after landing victim of obscene language and gestures. He observed subjects passing liquor bottle during flight. She was in galle most apptime but heard and observed some of the subjects rude actions. Captain could hear loud noise in cockpit. Head considered landing nearest field. Had subjects removed radioed ahead to phoenix. Beliefs alerted during taxi. Time at phoenix considered stopping before reaching unloading point to have subjects removed. Because they were smoking during seatbelt on time. Stewardesses stated conduct of subjects. Nestea interfere with your. What a bunch of a holes they were and it was multiple people that were interviewed for this. Not just the crew corroborating some story. There were multiple people on the flight that spoke to the fbi about this. Stewardesses stated conduct of subjects frightened them and interfere with their duties to ensure comfort and safety of passengers. Flight manifest located los angeles sixty three passengers deplaned phoenix seventy planes el paso et cetera et cetera. So then it goes on and describes thomas frederick baker also known as rick baker james d morrison and the charge of assault interfering with flight crew. What it looks like as telex that says it. Seven forty pm. Instant phoenix pd advised. That subjects were removed from continental airlines aircraft at phoenix at request of captain as they interfered with operation of flight crew by attempting to trip hostess refusing to fast in seatbelts when directed to do so by smoking cigars way no smoking sign was by throwing objects about the aircraft and causing captain to lee flightdeck to try to control them on at least two occasions subjects alleged to have had owned bottle of cognac from which they drank using comic book as cover subjects alleged to abuse obscene language gestures when dealing with the flight crew. I still wanna know what comic book they were hiding. The cognac bottle. In and i don't understand why the fbi being is good at detailing things as they are did not name the comic book and at least redacted. I was drinking coffee. I almost spray. You gotta stops up like that. He gives to see description morrison And it says prosecution under title forty nine section one. Four seven two authorized by a usa lawrence tour off subjects book at phoenix city jail to be presented. Us dj eleven twelve next. Both declined interview results recorded with lapd and local fbi via washington. How just wild. And i think the other members of the doors were on that flight and not a peep out of them and they were all totally chill if they were scared shitless fucking. He's still in there. Can you get arrested. We're all gonna get arrested. One we get off and sure enough. Those two got arrested. It shows you how people can change when under the influence of some sort of substance. That doesn't do well with their body. And as we as we have learned jim morrison and alcohol were not a happy combination not a positive combination. That all it's the history of rock and roll and occasionally crosses over into true crime and we find ourselves in the middle of some kind of conspiracy theory stuff But some of it's just revelatory looking at the fbi file of. Jim morrison anna the doors and in this little corner of it we find Copies being sent to different offices in. It's in reference to information being furnished to the jacksonville and tampa offices in view of the racial tensions in the state of florida and makes reference to the doors and They may be fermenting. Some of those tensions in makes reference to The arrest in miami and says one hundred ten sources furnishing racial intelligence information were contacted in the miami division during the month of february nineteen sixty nine and reported the general. Racial conditions in south florida remained satisfactory. So they're they're trying to pin some shift on the guy is and their own report says now things are pretty good there but it doesn't really explain in detail what they did. That was so racially edgy. Just kind of browsers over it. And then it talks about their Talk about their findings completely being cow owner.

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