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And now sticks the Super Bowl with Daniel Jeremiah bucky brooks and read Louis. Everybody what's going on. Welcome to move the sticks. Dj Bucky ret Back with you here and Boys we got a lot to get to on this super bowl not only are takeaways from the Super Bowl game but what this means go forward in the NFL. I know Bucky and I had to interesting conversation last night about that does not know what that conversation was. It breaks with that a little bit later on it will bring him in he can keep up. Okay how we don't voice These individual bittersweet game right. Yeah it is. Ah I mean it was. It was a fun game. I mean the first three and a half quarters you know I mean it was. The game was truly in the balance and boy the chiefs. Just turn on the gas right that final six minutes certainly four kyle. Shanahan probably bringing up some old superbowl. Nightmares wasn't quite like the Falcons collapsed but man To be up ten with six minutes ago is and not win. The game is is a tough way to go. Yeah I mean this. This is a game that brings in so many things that we talked about in the skeleton world. Interplay building around your quarterback what is it true franchise quarterback What franchise quarterbacks bring beyond just their skills to hope and the optimism optimism and then we think about coaching like how you manage your roster in what you have and how you kind of minimize your your weaknesses is in enhance your strengths? All this kind of came to fruition in this game and so to me. It's kind of a fascinating watch. Nothing is one of those where evaluators will pop in this tape and look look at it over and over and over again just to look at the construction teams. Yeah there's definitely a scouting slanted this. We're going to get to as we go through these takeaways but We have one unlike read said almost bitter sweet here because we've been doing these salon Throughout the entire season last one no doubt but look the the off season shrink the NFL. We've got a lot to be excited about. And the draft traffic gets rolling. We're going to have path to the draft coming your way as well as lots of draft stuff right here. I'm with a stick so with that said. Let's finish this thing up the right way here. I'll start with my first takeaway away from this game and that was once again in a big game. It was mahomes mobility. That was the difference. Forty seconds.

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