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To hear you bring a whole bunch of questions here ready. Get new sponsors huge here that you've paid in suits in chops bathing suits. They're going to be provocative. That's the the brain doc. The debrecen guidelines provocative right radical cop. Something happening in the background. I don't know what's going on. what did they take. You could be a cake like somebody's delivering cake. The doorbell rang. There's there's a stranger in the home okay. is it a chance there. One converting heidi religion possible possible possible delivering a case also awesome impossible selling her encyclopedias. And so right now. They're telling her you can't trust google. Google doesn't know everything no his. His leather bound is that which of those three options you think is most like i'm gonna say number two number two. It's a cake. Here's i'm going to say no. Because i think when people watch what you guys do. They don't say these people want take delivered to the house. They think these people are doing push ups in shape at their. They don't want free. You would be shutting up. I mean the crazy thing is were doing backer accounting where you're just like basically keeping track of fat protein carbs. Yes even a sentence. It doesn't feel it gives you a lot of leeway brother it gives you went. I think if it's humor. I give off a cake. Live you guys off. Protein shake five. Was this someone delivering a cake leaving. What was that someone delivering tate now and dry water. Oh what was your drywall. Cracks in theory. You guys have fun. goodbye. I'm seeing a little bit question cracks from doing pull ups that you mounted into the ceiling onto the ledge of the second story and doing polyps second stories down. I really y'all met. I told you that two weeks said you're gonna structurally hurt the foundation of your house with all this exercise. You guys like no john. It's a macro ori john. We know we're on strength. John okay real. Less question is part of the reason. You're cutting your own hair. Save money from the dry waller those two things that can all like there's a thing i didn't cut. It usually usually try to my every week on the same day. I didn't cut it this week. And now i'm going to have some experimenting with letting it grow a little bit longer on the sides you know i don't know what to do. I just lower dry and give it a little spritz next thing you know i'm good but now it's getting long so chilling feel nervous plug time. Give us your shameless plug of you. Shameless plug hiding. I'm gonna throw out. And i'm going to put a little thing in my stories but how you're getting close to opening up registration for what would it be a sixty day. Bennis and nutrition challenge in course so it's eight weeks of nutrition like two hours a week conversation about every single thing you could ever want to know about how fueling your body in a certain way affects your body and then every day sixty days a different workout of the day every day. And it's going to be. I mean it's it's a little bit of like seventy five hard kind of thing as killer it is. It is a serious serious workout. Try guys back drywall. Guys back but it also it also ends up being one of these things where. There's a man's in jim women's and at home for either men or women kind of thing and it meets you where you are so you can do it if you are a begetter..

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