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Bring through messages from spirit and help people interpret what is often deep symbolism he received certification from the morris pratt institute in medium ship and became an ordained minister through the new thought spiritual centre all come to the program jeff i'm looking forward to talking with you i the these topics are just so important to everybody was welcome aboard oh my god honor to be on your show i got the chance to meet you one compaq in the desert out here in palm springs that's right absolutely and it's this this coming year there they moved a twoway indian wells hurt that it'll be a night nightclub okay so come on by i'm going to be out there again absolutely i i i enjoy it i enjoy all your topic i like the mythical in a magical the it's amazing tell me how you got involved in all this how did the start for you here ever since i was a little boy and like my memories it might crib i had four i call them light being visit visit me and they they were teaching me about the the idea that i would be like a doctor but they said it was a doctor more of the solar the spirit and uh they helped me understand uh how does he and feeling here beyond the realm of my my physical uh being so i went the analytical root i i went into still molecular biology and i i studied dna but what was fascinating is denies the only biomolecules in your uh biology that it crystalizes and just like our cell phones and our computers and so forth uh they have crystals for storing information i i start this you know really in into it that there must be a.

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