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September third W. RKO is in new X. factor hello Riley is joining the W. RKO lined up Monday through Friday at noon it's the O. Reilly update a fast paced fifteen minute program featuring news and commentary in a way that only why can deliver real news bills so bill o'reilly good to talk to you so what do you want it all car and I'm here to tell you we decide news he's on W. RKO wireless into Leah chose files we stream a whole lot with bios a lot of times Alyssa is watching TV on her laptop using her phone also using her time really good at multi tasking with files gigabit connection you get internet you won't outgrow it now is your last chance to get a Samsung Chromebook three or two hundred dollar credit towards Lexington tech go to get files dot com where it speeds up to nine hundred forty eight hundred eighty mix availability why was my last breath the complex was the for more info twenty eight full term signifies dot com the home depots making it easy to turn your favorite moment into the perfect color for any room with the project Colorado upload any image then discover the colors and pay to match now you're a swipe and click closer to everything you need for your next project explore the most popular colors and trending palace to find your perfect pate get a colorful new experience with the project color at the shop our best brands with gallon starting from just twenty four ninety eight at the home depot more saving more doing US overseas store for details Donald sterling worst slum lord of sports there was always the sense that he had a plantation mentality cool close this is we had a game and it came on the radio Donald sterling making.

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