Iran, Washington, President Trump discussed on Nightside with Dan Rea


Stopped wbz news radio ten thirty okay so let's start off with a collage of some comments i'm not sure exactly what day these comments were made by clearly mika brzezinski is not a fan at least now of president trump better than making a fake cover at an agassi and about himself lying every day and destroying the country okay had enough about me we're your hands in that event it is covering his hands here because they're thing the other crazy thing about that sorry iran's washington in the administration needs to work at this i think a point of view worrying you're not lobotomize us here sitting in there and here says garretta them thinking to back up to the president we need to look like an accountable any big success alexei someone came in to nbc and took over envy see asserted treating wildly about pupils appearances bullying people talking about people in the competition lying every day undermining his manager's throwing them on the person would be thrown out assist it's not normal behaviour in fact there would be concern halves the person who runs the companies out of his mind and this things are legitimate concerns at this point we have never seen anything like this before in any president in history in the united states of america well yes there may be president in some other countries that's not a good sign so make essentially is calling president trump nuts let's let's got the chase year and and suggesting that he's a third world dictator a despot of sought i can understand that might upset donald trump but why stoop to that level president trump as i mentioned in the eight o'clock hour i get a lot of wackos waca doodles whatever you want to call the knuckleheads as my great lakefront tomini no mayor neither would call them who are sitting out there in the gallery ends els sent me a little or a little bit of this i get to the point where i see that their cindy me i don't even have to read i know the tweets going to be unfairly critical and i'm just a talk show host unlock the president of the united states or the president spokesperson today sarah huckabee sanders the daughter of former arkansas governor a bike huckabee of course was on the hot seat in the.

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