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Downing street operation things quite correctly the labor possible votes can't any deal that comes back to the house of commons just because they will and it's the tour if if you have a number of tours maybe ten twenty thirty first against the deal then you can't get the deal through the house of commons then the possibility of no deal comes alone and i didn't think parliament will allow the prime minister to take britain out without the deal either because it would be economically struggling for the country so then you were in limbo where you can't get a deal through and you can't get new deal through and then we'll happens well then i guess the premise would have to go about brussels and say could we have more time to try and sort this out aspirin extension of article fifty i think then the only way you can sort it out would be another general election will maybe some labor impeach hope another referendum but you can see there's all heading for a great big i'm pass in the awesome and i think you know the future say perplexes isn't taught unclear at the moment with yesterday's men licking their wounds somewhere else we now move to the men who have replaced the departing mr davis and mr johnson we have dominic robb the new brexit secretary jeremy hunt the new foreign secretary dominic robb i don't think many people noon awful lot about him or had taped picked paid much interested in the past but now he's at the helm of sister yes i mean i i can't say only knew lots about dominic robb either he is a fairly tough brexit here north greater profile made some while the savage comments about feminists which unto of notoriety then again you know he's the the steve baker and other ministers and brexit gone so he does have the chance to shape department whether this critical juncture he comes out fighting with a set of new proposals i very much doubt jeremy hunters also been point a promoted to foreign secretary and another chuck will matthew hancock he was culture minister culture secretary has now gone to health and those two i mean i regard as both quite boring which means a theresa may's beginning to shape a government looks at this bit more like her character gone is the kind of flasher boras gone is the kind of grumpy am david davis was a little bit off message joy you say that job hunters boring with this is a staunch remain george in the aftermath of the referendum wrote an article in the daily telegraph calling for the united kingdom to stay in the single market and for the government to work out a deal before it triggered article fifty if only people listened to him then what's your verdict on jeremy hunters as the face of britain to the rest of the world though i think it'd be quite quite quite good as the rest of the world record release that we we've no longer have a choker representing all foreign policy even boris johnson i think he has a safe pair of hands he's obviously a survivor done within five years running the nhs and these physicians but he's he sees the becoming prime minister as of course lots of his colleagues to as well but he's positioned himself now as someone who used to be a remain but now who family believes that brexit it's a good thing nobody ready but he's he thinks tool to be honest if you remember the other day he was lambasting business for having a view on brexit so he's he's walking the walking the wall when it comes to pretending to be a brexit here when he's not really but i think you know i think he's he's he's sensible people like him and i think he he'll do a good job as foreign sexually as far as dominic robb coats breakfast so we'll soon discover that his or he will soon discover that that job is a non joe job justice david davis did and he'll be given a script of what to say by number ten cents off to helsinki and stockholm and copenhagen process lava sites to the europeans but won't be much job so you haven't heard very much today you're you wouldn't hear very much in future so it's parker and jelly de que thank you for joining his own monocle twenty four you're listening to the globalist in the moment we had to turkey where president etta ones power grab is finally consolidated but first of.

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