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And remind. what is this indivisible is the game that if I'm not mistaken is come from the same people may school girl yup is it's a side scrolling RPG and it the whole but it has so many like buzz words that they put yeah but what's great about it is it has RPG style turn based battles and that it that it goes seamlessly from the side scrolling platforming into those bad old man. former combined with valkyrie profile yeah it's kind of basically lie and I gotta be honest I'm not into the our work see I like to ask. I'm just not that into the artwork but very cool October eighth is also going to play host to call of consumer on the switch trying for the nightmare prints on PC PS four Xbox and the switch and a game I did I don't even think I realized how ukulele and the impossible layer okay PS four Xbox ones which I thought that came I thought the game to terrible that arises yeah I don't I don't think the ukulele did very well at all but okay sure I'm out of any of those three games called. has my attention there have been a lot of call because you live games like there's been a lot alike. H. P. Lovecraft short of is seen five I just I don't know I'm interested to see how they're going to pull it off on the switch I made check it out because I didn't give the sinking city a shot so maybe this will scratch that itch October tenth is gonna bring deliver us the moon to PC now what is that I tried to futuristic post apocalyptic kind of game are basically three sources of run outs peoples are like mining the moon okay for a new energy source and then all communication went dark and then years after you play the final astronaut on earth venturing to the moon to find out what how interesting okay so concept so it's a mystery yeah nice okay October eleventh is gonna bring grade for PC PS four and Xbox driving yeah and October fifteenth two titles coming out for switch we've got over watch and witcher three wild hunt coming out for scoring titles that I objectively never thought I see only switch yet here they are when I announce this way she thought no way now I know that neither of you guys are really going to be playing heavy on the switch but like our is anyone in this room actually considering getting over watch for the Swiss I'll try it probably yeah I mean I'm not going to get a day one because already got it on PC Ryan Collins yeah you got sticks on it so I I would imagine you'd actually be pretty good but I don't know look I'm not sure that that's exactly game that I would want in that format like I don't know that I need to take it with me yeah and that's sort of what I'm I'm trying to figure out I may pick it up but there's just so much other stuff on the switch there's gonna take up until now what's weird about it though as a parent you can use motion controls so like in in the trailer tracer blinks you can see a white like sort of like in the the the the sound I want yeah. there's way too much I don't know how you feel about that but you know the witcher three I think I think that's the one that I'm gonna go with us for sheer scale I just want to see how it ends up performing on the show yeah October seventeenth of got Travis strikes again no more heroes completed this is Lee hi I'm I'm in fit is because no more heroes is a really a reverent sort of all yet. numbers you like is this the first game like retold or re mastered like what is I'm not if I'm not mistaking it is on his way.

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