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Arnold i g. She's what a beaten him in that game. I also think if they'd won that game. Bob sutton is still defensive coordinator and they would not have overhauled that defense. You probably wouldn't have tyron matthew. You probably would have kept before who has been a shelve himself. Set season like i think. There's a good chance it's achieves team will help a lot. Different frank clark's now right like who knows how different it looks. I actually think in a weird way. D- ford being offsides is the best thing that happened to them even though it costs them that too in a day. It's obviously at least cost the appearance you know. We can argue whether they would have won the game. I think the best happened in a it was at because it forced them to below that thing up defensively in gets back nola and sign tyron matthew and let d forego in a trade ins netting pick that got them want thornhill so i i know. That's a weird way of looking at it but i actually think in the long haul. They were better off. Because i think if they win that super bowl you're probably paying for. You're not firing. Bob sutton i defend wasn't go but you're not firing according to just won a super bowl. I really think this team in the long run with better off. Even though roy painful in the moment you know that's fascinating. I hadn't really considered that. I don't like to try to spend a lot of time thinking about the game or what would have happened if they you know most people. It's oh yeah. He doesn't jump off sides that she's going to the super bowl and they really have a good chance of probably winning it and now you bring that up looking back and i think you're right man lake. Maybe maybe it never happens. They the defense stinks. Maybe they have the year that they did win the super bowl. They have a down year. Because it's like oh yeah. This defense isn't good by the way they don't make the aggressive moves that they had like an and in you. You could even look at last year's super bowl loss if things work out this year and this offensive line is good as we think it can be. And the offense is unstoppable. Was we think it could be with mahomes. All the time in the run game improving and they win like two of the next three super bowls or something crazy like that. It might be a blessing in disguise that they got their butts by tampa bay. Yeah oh no question. And i record on this podcast and i think it. I think this is gonna be.

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