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No no no look his policies. He's now again. Oftentimes myself in people like me. I mean we went to washington the tea party to do something about the debt but yeah that what you do it. It's not a political party failed at that like this political correctness. This guy work. That's the thing we're don. Quixote republic okay trust so do you sometimes wish you were the other joe. Walsh wishes written funk forty nine and midnight man and pretty maids. He's tough he's. He's you still living there untorn vegas. They're doing awesome. He's the guy wrote lifespans. You're the guy who's to defend himself against okay so my last question as you say. Donald you voted for trump. Yes you even said i'm voting for rim on election day if he loses. I'm grabbing my musket. I'm gonna let you go on that one because musket muskets anymore so i'm going to say you are being metaphor. Yes still on a good thing to put out the idea that if the election doesn't go our way we reach for guns. Would you allow the hess but rate not a good hi dear musket though i know it's still the idea of i don't like the election. Get a gun nuts. I know but you're talking about. I said i'm going to give give you that work at that one but you said you know now. You've turned so trump basically kanju. He's a con man. He is economy so you were formed. Tell us why we should vote for you if it took you until twenty nineteen to know that donald trump was filler well. It didn't declare quest to good let fair question good question okay. That's a real it didn't take till twenty nineteen for the record eighteen last year yeah the at helsinki that was when he stood in the world and said ah with putin and now it's a good place but bill we okay. We got people right. Who've found the religion yesterday. Do we want you joe. We we want. We do okay so but okay so trump didn't get that era of your ways. What about global warming you. We're always denier. What do you think because we don't wanna sit here three years from now and go fuck. I messed up on that one. It's not a denier in the republican. Party needs to wake up. I'm telling you this right now. Wake up knowledge yes. It's an issue and it's a problem. We're part of this debate. They've got to acknowledge that. It's a real issue. Okay stop spot all right. Okay so speaking of that <hes> this what happened with the bahamas this week. It looks like you know puerto rico. There's an island barbuda. That's completely gone now. It looks like the caribbean because of course global warming and the souped up hurricanes is being wiped out an island at a time. What are we doing about this or are we going to rebuild who would rebuild who wants to rebuild in a place now. We're not even in the paris accord. We're not even trying to solve this problem seriously mankind what is going to happen to this region of the country. I've been there many times. I went to the nineteen eighty-nine h._b._o. Vacation in nevis saint kitts saint johns saint thomas mystique. These are beautiful places with beautiful people and feel like one by one and what are we gonna do. It's gonna get worse unless we do something. I mean in all this stuff is interrelated. I mean we we watched what happened in the amazon a few weeks ago. There was a reason why this was happening and that was that farmers in the amazon were clearing trees trees to plant soybeans. Why are they planning soybeans. Well because we're in a trade war with china china's the biggest buyer of soybeans in the world and county. We used to be the biggest seller of soybeans..

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