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I mean, they have saved her life. They've given us our daughter back. We have one of the best hospitals in the world. Right here story behind the story. You walk out of those doors, and you just realized what an impact any Grady Children is. Wherever part of our family story because because they saved our daughter, the fight continues. All right. We are going to get to the cove ID information that we finally dragged kicking and screaming out of the state of California. Proving that these restrictions are not based in science. We've got irrefutable proof they're now coming out, saying That's right. There was no evidence there was no proof, but this is why we did it anyway. Um, but we're also making sure that you are part of miracles. And that's what the Rady Children's hospital give a thon. We need you to give as much as you can Text Kogo to 51 555 or 802 58 oo oo seven Triple 07 Um, we've got some amazing contributors that came in at the four o'clock hour. Um and I'm gonna be taking several of them lunch. Uh, they're getting me the actual list. But here's what I got, and things were changing by the moment. We got the match for $7500 in the four o'clock hour. James, who called in did $5000 yesterday, He did another $5000. Today. He's in the hospital with a tow that was removed because of diabetes. He was a 30 year plus landscaper. Landscaper at the public school system here in San Diego. Hey, 5000 again In the four o'clock hour, Susan Hansen has called in she gave 5000 Uh, Chris Heitman $1000. Denise Brownlee, $500, David Bradwell $500 Jeff Part Jeff Behnke, $300, Mark Haines, $200 Linda Shan $100 Jerry Lynn signed up as a hero $19 a month. Thank you, Jerry, Donald Johnson, $50 and countless others. I'm just reading out some names of folks that I recognize that I know personally and I appreciate All of those contributions. The big announcement here as we have on Lee 52 minutes left in the 2020 I Heart Ready Children's Hospital. Give a thon. We won't be doing this until next year now. After 52 minutes. It'll all be done for 2020. And then we have to wait a full year to get to 2021. Fernandez family has announced that they are going to triple match all donations this hour. They will triple match all donations this hour up to $20,000. So that is our challenge to unlock that $20,000 gift that that family will be giving. Um and they are going to basically take any contributions we can get and triple them to hit that $20,000 number. And if we do that, if we could hit the $20,000 number, Travis by my math, I'm looking at this. We will have hit the goal for for radius this hour. And that's what it takes is we've got to make sure we hit this goal. They were really worried that covert 19 the pandemic all the stress people are under that we may not We hit the goal for this year for 2020. They'd have Ah, shortfall in their budget. If we can do that, this hour that we've done our part. We have done our part. So Texcoco to 51 555 kogo to 51 555 or Call 802 58 Triple 07. Okay, real quick on covert 19. So I announced Or I've been challenging the state on Show me the science. Show me. Show me the data. And we finally got, um you know them to admit what we've been saying all along and what a judge forced them to do in l A last week. Show me the evidence that outdoor dining, for example is somehow bad and we should we should ban it. L. A could not produce that data. L. A, then admitted we don't have such data. We don't have any information to suggest that outdoor dining Is leading to the surgeon Covert 19. Well guess what. California Health and Human Services Agency Secretary Mark Mark Galley, the guy that is the top adviser to Newsom, who created the lockdown formulas and standards and checkpoints and color code system. He issued a statement and it reads quote. The decision to include, among other sectors, outdoor dining and limiting that Turning to restaurants to deliver and provide take out options instead of sit down dining options outdoors. Really has to do with the goal of trying to keep people at home, generally speaking, not a comment on the relative safety of outdoor dining. Okay. So what you're saying is? Yeah. You don't have the data. To say that outdoor dining is unsafe, but what you're trying to do is get people's attention. And so what you're trying to do is scare them or or say no outdoor dining. You cannot drive your car. But why not? I'm by myself. What if I promise to wear a mask while I'm driving my car? You cannot drive your car. What they're trying to do here is basically say, Look, it's really bad out there with covered 19. We got to get your attention. So let's shoot off the fireworks show. And it doesn't matter that businesses such as restaurants are gonna be decimated by this, the casualties of those restaurants and all those workers. Are necessary fatalities economically speaking in the war against the disease. No, I'm sorry, but that's not how we do public policy. And aren't you the side that said you're gonna be all scientific about this? Aren't you? The one saying you've got the moral high ground science science, not politics. It's all about science. Okay, if it's all about Science and not politics. Then why are you shutting down outdoor dining? Now I've already gone through all the changes that they made in the guidance like playgrounds were shut down. Now they're open grocery stores were limited to 20% capacity that limits been lifted as well. It's based not on science, but rather let's see if we can get people's attention. And that's not good public health policy and it certainly hurts people who are doing what they need to do. They are playing by the rules. They had them playing by the rules, and you just screwed them. Okay, We will get back to covered 19 this hour because I have to address the flu numbers, And there's a comment by public health Director Wilma Wooten. Right now we've got our $20,000 match that we're trying Tonto to activate. I will get numbers for you at 5 15 as to where we are because I'll give you numbers each each segment. But help us get their text. Kogo to 51 555 text kogo to 51 555 or just simply call 802 58 Triple 07. That's 802 58 triple 07 Every dime stays locally. And remember $50, for example. $50 that's given for a Monthly recurring donation of $50 donation on a monthly basis provides a chemotherapy treatment.

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