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This is a guy who was synonymous with winning with regards the San Francisco. Forty niners for many many years and he's been given a second chance your pardon publicly by the president. Give me your thoughts and Eddie. Of course you've got stories about him. Yeah I mean it's truly I mean you know the whole situation the bribery. All that and the heart of this man is remarkable. I mean truly remarkable and I think that no one can lose sight of that as being around a lot of owners in the NFL. You know working for the whether it's the forty niners. The browns the Patriots the Eagles you know. And then this Brown's a secretary I mean he was the most generous person I've ever been and I was a sloppy. I mean literally. I was driving coach Walsh around and was scared to death of him and you know and for Valentine's Day he would send every employee's wife flowers you know for Christmas. He would send. I mean million I used to. He had like a Condo in Menlo Park which was kind of where we live. And so you know whenever they were clear out the condo because he would come in and they would buy goods and they clear stuff out you know I would end up taking half the quality stuff home with me because it would in the we like million I'd be looking at. We can't afford this stuff that it would be amazing and and they would just give it. It was truly remarkable but my greatest Eddie memory was. I'm with my mother and father. Milly couldn't come back because it was tax season. We're getting ready to play the superbowl against the Miami Dolphins. I'm standing at the PRE party. No idea what's going on in the superbowl wasn't what it was today. You know there wasn't the security and all that I'm standing there with my parents and Eddie walks over to me and says meets my parents and says hello and ask me where my tickets aren't. He looks at. He grabs the three tickets out of my hand. And he gives me three right on the fifty. Like that's the heart of the man and was he demanding. Yeah no doubt. I'm sure coach walls would have told stories about how demanding it was but he was generous and he was truly a family. Run Business and you could feel it and his generosity was remarkable and and I think it's great. I think the league I I think he belongs in the hall of for what he was able to build because whilst wouldn't been able to do what he did at the forty niners of whether Mr D. and so for him to have this removed from his legacy and I thought was powerful. And we're not a political podcast by no means but the seed Jerry Rice there to see the greatest player that I've ever been around and Ronnie Lott there to me. That was powerful moment to watch. Yeah for many people the greatest player of all time and Jim Brown Jim Brown rilot Jerry Rice or supporting add. I mean this is a guy in one thousand nine hundred. Eighty eight plead guilty to failing to report a felony. After former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards extorted for one thousand dollars from him in exchange riverboat casino. Licence he did not serve prison. Time did pay a million dollar fine probation. But the question is a wise trump pardoning of now to Mike's Point to Bartlesville philanthropic efforts in the years since his felony conviction apparently were incredible generous passion for numerous charitable causes. Hated not let that one instant define him which is something. That's very important to see. No he didn't and I mean he's just truly. I mean I say this all the time. You can't cure cheap right if somebody's cheap. You can't cure it like Fred Palermo medical to say that all the time. You CAN'T CURE TEPE. There's NO REHAB CENTERS. You can cure people if people stay at the tip chart out and they tip twelve percent. You can't cure cheap right. You just can't cure it. There's nothing you can do for and would you also can't do is you can't give somebody a big heart and Mr D. has a big heart I mean he has a huge heart and it for me. The first owner. I have been around to have that kind of heart. It was really. I think all owners like that not not no. No no not like that at all. He was remarkable. Very very cool to see the seventy three year old owner getting a second chance to NFL news last week brought a report lines of talk teams but a trade involving quarterback Matthew Stafford and this week bring worthy of also discussed moving another veteran player of the team. Adam schefter seeing the lines of talk. Pre-trading cornerback Darius delays because the salary of ten million dollars and twenty twenty which would be the final year of his current contract currently looking to land and even bigger paid in his next deal. What do you think makes you the lines trade sleigh now? Well look if they're not going to sign them which I don't think they will. I mean poor sleigh I mean th th they have no pass even though they pay you know I mean look the lions are paying huge money to trey flowers. I mean they. It would cost them ridiculous amounts of money to get rid of trey flowers and so they can't and alliance they do have forty five million worth of cap room now. The rumor about Matthew Stafford's ridiculous. It costs them money. Do I think Matthew staffer would like to go somewhere else and play? Yeah do I think the Lions Could Trade Matthew Stafford? Maybe they would want to in terms of the coach and the g. m. But the ownership isn't GonNa let him trait Stafford and plus. This is the last year. They've got to win sleigh. I mean I think if they could turn sleigh into a hot commodity. But here's the issue if you're the GM of the team and you're trying to build your team and you go and trade say you trade a one for sleigh because you could easily say you know this draft doesn't have a lot of corners. Slaves really good player. He could be a top level. But now you gotta pay them so not only. Do you give up an asset in terms of your traffic. Now you've increased your cap right so it becomes a double edged sword for. Is it really worth it? Is it really kind of? Is that what you WANNA do? And I'm not sure you know like I've been working on my next book and I've been researching people and for the book and and I came across the vogels. Have you ever heard of the vogels? I have not no the vogels. Are these two people that lived in New York City? That one was a policeman in the wife was a librarian. They lived in a four hundred fifty square foot apartment rent controlled apartment and they decided in their life that they were going to buy art so they would buy art but they didn't buy art at the sleigh price they bought art before became variously and so over their lives. They amassed a multi million dollar art collection in this little four hundred and fifty square foot apartment. Okay why and why are the similarities between the vogels and in the NFL? There is because the vogels could identify talent at a reduced rate and it grew. The vogels. DidN'T WANNA pay for Sleigh at a high rate and that is the essence of the NFL. And that we're going to hear a bunch of trades we're going to hear a bunch of player's GonNa get dumped off. The true genius is to be able to find that great player like the the find that great piece of art. That's going to go up in value. Not It's going to go down Seattle Science Greg Olsen for eight million a year. If I were as good as John Schneider as his job I would think look. I'm not going to take a risk on Olsen. He's always hurt. He's not gonNA play all the time. I put eight million. That's a little bit of a liability. I'm GonNa go find me the next Greg Olsen. I think you've got to take that Vogel. Approach while said Olsen VISTA WITH BUFFALO SEATTLE WASHINGTON. Apparently felt most comfortable with the seahawks a one year deal. They're five million of that. Money is guaranteed before we get Ben Writer. Of course every where in the world. Is Tom. Brady going and WanNa Philip rivers former teammates? The past five seasons Melvin. Gordon believes that three era will go into the Indianapolis Colts. That's as far as rivers. That's interesting because that's one of the teams we talked about. Mike. Maybe Brady going to the colts. So what's the latest here on Tom? Why I mean. Look the report that the raiders are going to offer them. Sixty months yeah. I think that's legitimate. I think the raiders are definitely going to be players on on Tom Brady I. I think they will be what they offer. I don't know. But they do have a caveat in this they have Derek Carr and they have car and they could trade car. He's contract until twenty twenty two but his contract is easily tradable so they have an asset so they could replace it to me as we said on the last week pot. The one thing we know for certain is the raiders. Don't love car no matter how much the car family wants to complain about it. That's a fact it's going to be interesting because certainly the rumor mill quieting down when it comes to Tom. Brady or at the raiders could be doing coming up after the break. Special guest. Sports illustrated writer Ben. Right will be on a breakdown. The huge Astra's cheating scandal part of a new cadence Thirteenth Sports Docu series exploring compelling stories and people from the world of sports all that more plus. Sinatra in Palm Springs on the way here on the GM shuffle cars today are like computers on wheels from electronically controlled transmissions to touchscreens displays to dozens of sensors. But.

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